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Client libraries

A client library written in Python which provides easy object oriented access to the MusicBrainz database using the XML web service.
A C library for creating MusicBrainz disc IDs from audio CDs.
A development library geared towards developers who wish to add MusicBrainz lookup capabilities to their applications.

Developer documentation

XML web service
The new, REST-based webservice API for direct access to MusicBrainz data (Please review the libraries above before writing your own implementation).
Server setup
The MusicBrainz Server is not available as an executable application. Setting up the server will require you to checkout the source code and follow the INSTALL file's instructions.
Database setup
The MusicBrainz Database contains all the metadata information available on and anyone is free to download and make use of it (and we encourage this!). Setting it up will require access to a PostgreSQL database.
Release Editor Seeding
For information on providing programmatic information to the release editor (from another site or an application)

User Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions
A set of community maintained FAQs.
How Tos
A collection of tutorials. Lightweight, short and user-orientated step by step instructions.
How Editing Works and the different Edit Types
A general introduction and detailed descriptions of each type of edit that you can possibly make to MusicBrainz data.
Advanced Relationships
Documentation about Advanced Relationships, as well as all Relationship Classes, Relationship Families, and Relationship Types.
Advanced Search
Describes the server-based search (also used by the MusicBrainz Tagger).
MusicBrainz Terminology
A collection of all terms the MusicBrainz community uses, what they mean, and wheter there is a wiki page explaining them.
Release Language
Describes the assignement of the language and script attribute to releases.
Picard Documentation
Documentation of MusicBrainz Picard, MusicBrainz' official tagger.
How Annotations Work
A rudimentary page that explains the Artist Annotation and Release Annotation.
How Voting Works
Also quite rudimentary. It explains the decision mechanism of the ModBot.
Editor Privacy
Privacy implications of being a MusicBrainz editor.
Text Search Syntax
How to use the powerful text search features in MusicBrainz
Flickr Machine Tag
How to use flickr tags to refer to MusicBrainz artists, releases, tracks or labels.

Developer Documentation


Describes the MusicBrainz XML Metadata Format


Client HOWTO
Describes the use of libmusicbrainz, and the Client Examples programs.


Disc Submission
An overview of the highly technical content of Disc ID Calculation.


Useful links for people wanting to use ID3v2 tags in applications.
ID3v2 Tags
A list of some TXXX tags for ID3v2 to toss about and try to "standardize".
Disc IDs and Tagging
A short exposé on various tagging standards and their handling of DiscIDs.
MusicBrainz Tag
Standardization for MusicBrainz-specific tags.
MusicBrainz Identifier
As used in standardized MusicBrainzTags.


MusicBrainz Database
Start page for documentation about the database.
Panther DB Installation
Steps to intall PostgreSQL and import MusicBrainz data on Mac OS X 10.3 aka Panther.
Debian VMWare Database
HOWTO install the database under Debian running under VMWare.

Other Documentation