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Linux concert DVD audio ripping

My aim is to extract audio in a chapter split manner, to enable me adding concert DVD to MusicBrainz, with millisecond precision.

Work in progress.

For the moment, I don't think I found the best method yet.

I don't know how to auto-split per chapter, for instance, and am lacking the last step to extract audio.

See complete Windows method.


First you will have to use vlc to note down the TITLE and CHAPTERS of the content that matters (the concert itself, and the important bonus videos). No need to rip the navigation screens/videos.

I found dvdbackup.

You will rip each chapter one by one:

   dvdbackup --title=2 --start=1 --end=1 --output=T02-C01
   dvdbackup --title=2 --start=2 --end=2 --output=T02-C02
   dvdbackup --title=2 --start=3 --end=3 --output=T02-C03
   dvdbackup --title=5 --start=1 --end=1 --output=T05-C01

It's just an example.