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NOTE: This is an attempt to figure out how to structure the style guidelines (post NGS). It is written as a Table of Contents, the aim is to:

  • Give a recommended reading order for new users, following this TOC they should learn the basics of adding new releases by only reading the first few wiki pages linked to in this TOC.
  • Merge various smaller guidelines into larger, more coherent documents.
  • Seperate edge cases and exceptions from the core guidelines in such a way that (see also my notes further below):
    1. The core guideline stands out, and is easily understood and remembered.
    2. The edge cases don't get lost in a structureless mess where only guideline lawyers can find them.

The page titles used here are not final, but should give you some idea of what my aim is. Suggestions welcome ofcourse. Some conventions used:

text following a title gives a short summary of what the page linked to should contain.
text in <angle brackets> gives current official style guideline pages which can be merged into the page mentioned.


step 1. This document was written by kuno, aka warp. I am discussing these issues with other people on #musicbrainz-devel (DONE).

step 2. When we're happy with it, I plan to present it to the StyleCouncil, to discuss with a larger group of people.

step 3. When the StyleCouncil is happy with, we can start writing the actual guidelines. I just want to start at the beginning, and get these pages written one by one, at first just the guideline without any examples and edge cases. (though we can copy/paste examples and edge cases from the current guidelines where applicable).

step 4. The previous step should have resulted in a complete set of official guidelines. The only thing left in this final step is to add or trim examples and edge cases where needed. (which is just mb-style going back to doing what it always does :)