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Who am I?

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An editor known as Editor:murdos and Aurélien. A French guy working in IT Services and living in Lyon.

My main goal is to improve the situation of French artists which definitely need work. I would also like to review edits about French stuff in order to help French editors. Having your edits reviewed and having a feed back is really encouraging ;)

I also enjoy some indie rock and various style artists on which I'll keep an eye.

What is on this page?

Some random stuff, essentially links helping me to vote and edit.

Extra-editing stuff I've been workin' on

Voting stuff

Editors I'm usually working with:

Other editors that have to be watched, but not for the same reasons ;):

Editing plans

Starting Point for French stuff: FrenchArtists & FrogsTidyingMarathon



Wiki Cheat Sheet

Notes from various edits

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