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This is a list of users making bad edits and not learning. I will remove them from this list if this changes.

They either do not read their mails, do not get them, or willfully ignore them (unfortunately I cannot know, but that does not make a difference in practice: incorrect edits still keep coming). Of course the "No cancel" is usually a given when I say "No reply".

In a sane world, they should be forced to take action before being able to make new edits. However, we are not in one:

The problem with not knowing if the user will respond is real. It's a huge waste of time, for both voters and editors. Here are a few examples of well-behaved editors who do not get notifications:

NOTE: This page is a mess but the main goal is to know if interacting with an user has been tried, so less time is lost trying to talk to walls. If you manage to contact an user on this page (through MB or any other way), or you see yourself there, please contact me! I am very interested.

Examples of where there was no reason to not respond and everything is worse because this problem is not handled


Current concerns

Adds releases with only "see covers" as an edit note, and then refuses to provide sources for those covers.
Has previously been called out for adding covers to incorrect editions.

Adds duplicate release groups (and occasionally duplicate releases). Never provides any actual sources, electing instead to use some meaningless "collection number" as an edit note (and only when required to do so, i.e. from the release editor). Gets notifications (I managed to eke out a reply in but does not listen to advice and has no intention of changing his/her/its ways.

Makes various edits (including destructive ones like and almost never leaves notes. Does not respond to notes left by others.

AlbumArtExchange user. Thinks the Cover Art Archive is the place to show off his graphic design skills. Believes every cover image needs to be "corrected" because of "JPG artifacts" or other bullshit, showing a complete lack of respect for the original cover designers' choices. On top of this he stamps his own copyright notice on these "corrected" covers and mocks anyone who believes he's not doing the right thing:

Instead of arguing his case, resorted to insults and proceeded to mass-No vote on pankkake's edits. His current No vote count is 988.

Adds wrong labels for no reason, and fake digital store exclusives, both going against the community consensus. Acts in bad faith: Certainly should not be an auto editor, and since then has continued making the same disapproved edits as auto-edits. Should be banned.

Official Sens Critique account. Shared by multiple users, making it tedious to make them learn things about editing properly. Does edits that generally care about how Sens Critique handles releases, but not how MusicBrainz handles them - wrong information is not bothering this user. Generally, Sens Critique is a populated by terrible users. They even censored my posts there asking them to check comments on their edits. Should be banned, and SensCritique banned from using MusicBrainz.

Has an unfortunate, long history of ignoring most of the things that are said to him. Does not care about things being accurate:

Has changed the same artist name multiple times, as an auto-edit, going against the community consensus. Has clearly no interest in changing, so should be banned.

Renamed artists to completely change what they were; unfortunately, some of his edits were applied.

Adds duplicate releases, shows no signs of changing and no interaction. Also duplicates release groups even when the release is not a duplicate. Adds release to wrong artists. Hijacks existing releases, like CD reissues to set the earliest release date (including impossible dates for CDs). Adds bogus labels from iTunes copyright holders. Adds to wrong entities even when very clear disambiguations are set (including "do not use as a label").

Since he makes the same mistakes again and again and never responded, I tried to contact "sebidule" users found on other many websites, directly through an e-mail I found that way, and sebidule@ at many popuplar e-mail providers.

Twitter archives seem to suggest it was a Sens Critique user.

Adds wrong release artwork, sometimes even unrelated (album covers to bootleg lives). No signs of change, and a huge part, if not the majority, of the edits are completely wrong; you'd think selecting a random release image would get better results, but comically, no.

Sockpuppets This is vandalism plain and simple.

Adds wrong artwork - even after being told how not to do it - friend or sockpuppet, does similar terrible edits. others similar users:

Those took part in a covert operation to approve objectively wrong edits in the hope of trolling a third party website, and as such should be considered garbage and banned.

Other sens critique trolls:

Currently adds releases with just "Bla" as the tracklist. Past history of bad edits.

- email address unset Nikki (talk) 23:16, 6 March 2015 (UTC)
-- Re-verified but no new edits yet. -- HibiscusKazeneko (talk) 01:49, 26 March 2015 (UTC)
--- Update: He just started editing again. The first recent edit I see looks innocuous enough, but I've still got my eye out. -- HibiscusKazeneko (talk) 19:02, 6 May 2015 (UTC)

Sets CDs as CD-R without proof; does not reply or listen.

- currently has no email address set anyway Nikki (talk) 23:16, 6 March 2015 (UTC)
-- He's resurfaced and is back to making the same mistakes. -- HibiscusKazeneko (talk) 05:02, 18 June 2015 (UTC)

Keeps adding cover art with only "from google" as an edit note, despite being told not to. Has often added the wrong artwork for releases, as expected when you're looking for artwork "from google". Does not reply.

So far zero reply to inquiries, repeats mistakes that have been explained before. Has repeated mistakes in less than a week many times, even if warned each time, and suggested to just leave empty instead of putting a wrong value.

  • Packaging to None on physical releases. It actually requires less work to not put the incorrect data.
  • Always sets releases to Worldwide.
  • Uploaded cover art that was for the wrong releases.
  • English/Latin regardless of tracklist, even when there is Cyrillic script!
  • Adds duplicates.
  • Pushes lazyness to a new level: edit #31967163
  • Puts Discogs IDs as Label Code
  • Changes medium type of proven releases (with existing links), without proof. (does the same edit in 3 days!)
  • Adds catalog numbers from other releases (not even same name)

Probably the most "creative" bad editor I have seen, to the point it could be a very dedicated troll.

It turns out it is yet another SensCritique user (probably one of our oldest offenders) and he openly refuses to read edit notes left to him:

Appears to be a "bug me not" login, shared to multiple users. Has an history of very bad edits on completely distinct genres. Should obviously be forced to reconfirm its email.

- edit #31610508 is the only remotely recent edit where anyone has left an edit note or voted no... which is also the most recent edit they've made. While I suspect they probably aren't checking the email address, I'm not going to unset the email address based on old edits and a single questionable recent edit which wasn't clearly asking for a response. Nikki (talk) 23:39, 5 March 2015 (UTC)

Adding wrong cover art and hijacking existing releases (including impossible dates for CDs).

- last edit was 2015-02-13 and they responded to edit #31503682 on 2015-02-15 Nikki (talk) 23:39, 5 March 2015 (UTC)

Adds fictional bands. Yes, you read me: bands that do not exist, with always some weird Blogspot page he edited himself. Has tried multiple times, including adding the "band" under wrong names.

- email unset Nikki (talk) 14:39, 18 February 2015 (UTC)

Does many bad edits (hijacks existing releases, adds wrong cover art, adds dimensions in image comments), so far unresponsive.

- email unset Nikki (talk) 14:39, 18 February 2015 (UTC)
-- He re-verified and is back to making questionable edits. HibiscusKazeneko (talk) 17:49, 27 February 2015 (UTC)
--- the exact same mistakes too (like size in image commment…), so either put another temporary mail or is malevolent --Pankkake (talk) 11:39, 4 March 2015 (UTC)
Still doing the same months after, should not be allowed to do this.
- Seconded. We need a more rigorous re-verification process. -- HibiscusKazeneko (talk) 20:07, 2 July 2015 (UTC)
- User is actually aware and voluntarily does bad edits: --Pankkake (talk) 17:43, 8 July 2015 (UTC)

Adds artists and releases without checking to see if they already exist. Does not seem to respond to edit notes.

Same mistakes as soularme. Does not appear to respond to edit notes either.

Adds patchy releases from artists' discography pages. Does not respond to edit notes.

Adds releases with edition names in the titles, marks karaoke versions as instrumental recordings, etc. after repeated admonishments not to. Does not seem to respond to edit notes.

Adds medium formats in release titles, adds arranger relationships to works, marks translations as "based on" and adds genre disambiguations to works. Apparently gets notifications (I saw at least 1 cancelled edit) but does not reply.

Adds bogus artists and continues to re-add them after they are merged (into Various Artists or [unknown]) with an explanation. Does not reply to or even read notes, by the looks of it.

Makes terrible edits, is aware of it and proud of it. Probably mentally challenged or very young. Sens Critique user, setting wrong information to make them fit on SC (they don't allow promos): - also wrong artwork, thumbnails, duplicates, he does everything you can imagine

trainwreck. misunderstands most things, selects wrong entities without checking (always selects the first entity that comes up, even if the name does not match at all) I got a hold of him, and he is indeed automatically adding releases and does not want to stop, considering his gross huge stream of mistakes are ours to fix. should be banned. Completely deranged - "Oh, I ghost my IP so I can truly get on the world web" or the private messages he sends me.

Suspected alt account:

Past honorable mentions

Spend so much time fixing his edits, then as he deletes his account, all releases are cancelled. What the fuck? Very strange since first encounter was positive. edit #31939839 (deleted)

So far zero reply to inquiries, repeats mistakes that have been explained before. Has repeated mistakes in less than a week. No reply through the entire life of his account.

  • Cites "Spotify" as a source for physical releases, mangles tracklist to his liking (replacing parenthesis by a single dash), sets incorrect countries, incorrect capitalization. (deleted)

Took months of messaging before stopping setting releases as CD without proof (many having been proved wrong easily), now does not research either but at least doesn't set Medium Type. I still find incorrect releases that have not been fixed. Still does not reply and regularly adds dupes, but at least those are not wrong information.

What prompted the change: Systematic No vote until editor fixes his behavior.

Deleted then recreated account. Almost never replies (best I could get was like "I do not speak English") and made wrong destructive edits all the time, but seems to do a bit better now.

Likedis Auto

It was a bot, so you wouldn't expect it to reply. But editors were not aware of it. Overwhelming number of edits many of those pass, and there are still many incorrect releases left. It is a good example of how much damage a single unchecked editor can make.


Editor repeatedly adding wrong cover art, no source and no replies. OK, there might be more than one…


Editor willfully adding wrong cover art because he preferred it.

added fictional artists related to sexual fetishes. eventually responded and stopped, but somehow thought it was the purpose of MusicBrainz to enter things that don't exist. well when you see the rest of this list… he's not wrong


Cataloguing SensCritique users for future reference. No proof shall be posted here, in case they try to be more discreet about their membership.