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About me


I'm a music lover with constantly-evolving tastes. I am willing to listen to most anything and when I run across something, my instinct is to add it to the MB database or improve what is there. Though I've been here for almost three years now, I'm still gradually learning the ropes (mostly by trial and error, to much of the community's chagrin). So don't expect me to take on too much yet; I'm struggling already, what with real life (I'm a full-time student) getting in the way of what if I had my druthers I would turn into a full-time career.

My list of languages is constantly growing; so far the only languages I can navigate well in are English (my native tongue), Japanese and Spanish. I'm currently studying Mandarin Chinese but my skills are not quite up to par yet.

WIP Proposals

Director relationship type (shot down as-is, still trying to restructure)
Instrument conductor relationship type
Lyricist relationship type addendum (mislabeled)
Interpolation relationship type
Japanese name guidelines (an addendum to Style/Language/Japanese)
A WIP guideline for Japanese release catalog numbers (done at the behest of certain users)

To do list

  • Finish cataloguing every audio release I can find at home
  • Finish adding the data for all the artists on Wikipedia's list of idols
  • Clean up the recordings for artists I regularly work on data for


Area request page Deprecated now that we have area requests in JIRA.
List of releases we cannot add to the database If you know of a release that was cancelled or is so obscure you do not have enough data to add it, post its information here.
Do Not Post list for the CAA
Unicode Character List A handy resource for preferred Unicode punctuation.