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RobertKaye is Ruaok, also known as the Mayhem & Chaos Coordinator.

I'm the person responsible for starting this project when Gracenote pissed me off when they took the freely available CDDB project and closed it up and started charging people for accessing the data. It was people like me who built this data in the first place and I felt violated. Thus the motivation for MusicBrainz was born.

To find out more about me, check out these links:

Home Page Blog

If you're curious what I do for MusicBrainz, take a look at my lengthy JobDescription.


As part of running this project I've gotten to be quite busy travelling around to conferences, board meetings and other silly business meetings. Given that, I make my travel schedule public in case you're curious and wonder why I may not be responding to mail quite so quickly. If you want to know where you can find me, check my schedule!

On my Radar

The following things are on my radar as issues that need to be addressed, features that I want to hack on, or chocolate that needs to be earned:

  • Replace the contentious AutoEditor system with a comprehensive EditorRating system. Wether or not I will implement the rating system as the wiki page by the same name suggests it, remains to be seen.
  • Work on getting an mb_server release out the door ASAP.
  • Work on creating a stable development team that continue working on mb_server, while I focus on hosting and the business side of MusicBrainz.

Of course, this list is in no particular order.

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