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This is a research page for the Concertmaster AR. It looks like we're dealing with 3 different positions, in most cases: Concertmaster, associate & assistant.

(1st) Concertmaster / Leader

Position Example Comment
Concertmaster Andreas Buschatz, Berliner Philharmoniker Sitting 2nd, then? But I wouldn't want editors to guess these kind of things.
1st Concertmaster Guy Braunstein, Berliner Philharmoniker One of 3 first CMs
Principal Concertmaster Tobias Steymans, Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks Webpage translates "1. Konzertmeister" with "Principal CM".
1st Principal Concertmaster ?
Alternating Concertmaster ? Literal translation from Scandinavian?
Leader Gordan Nikolitch, London Symphony Orchestra Possibly: Concertmaster = American, Leader = English?
1st leader Erkki Palola, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
Concertino dei primi violini Teatro alla Scala No, that WAS the English page.
Konzertmeister 1b Opernhaus Zürich I do hope no other orchestra uses this... It's not in their list over members.

Associate Concertmaster, 2nd Concertmaster, Co-Concermaster

Position Example Comment
Associate Concertmaster Nancy Wu, The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Associate Concertmaster Georg Liener, BR Münchner Rundfunk Orchester "Stellvertretender Konzertmeister" in German. English page even uses the term "deputy CM"!
Associate Concertmaster GSO Alt. förste k. in Swedish; literally "alternating first CM"
Wouldn't this be "Alternating Concertmaster", not "Associate Concertmaster"? BrianSchweitzer 06:50, 26 December 2010 (UTC)

Yes, literally, but they use "Associate" in the English description of the job (2nd part of the page). It looks like another word is used in English. IF they bother with a translation. --symphonick 10:21, 26 December 2010 (UTC)

Alt. Concert Master Norrköping Symphony Orchestra The Swedish & English pages are not synced, but this orchestra clearly uses "alt." in English too.
Principal Associate Concertmaster Laura Hamilton, The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Associate Concertmaster Boston Symphony Orchestra Both Associate & Assistant CM in the same orchestra.
Associate Leader BBC National Orchestra of Wales
2nd leader Eriikka Maalismaa, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
2nd Deputy Leader GSO Andre konsertmästare = literally 2nd CM
Co-Concertmaster Orchestre de la Suisse Romande French: premier violon solo remplaçant
Co-Leader Carmine Lauri, London Symphony Orchestra

So Associate CM != Assistant CM, but I haven't found a good explanation of the differences yet. Actually it looks like Associate CM > Assistant CM.

IIRC, we've found the same A > A for all other places we've added both attribs, so at least it's consistent.  :) BrianSchweitzer 06:25, 26 December 2010 (UTC)

Assistant Concermaster, 3rd concertmaster

Position Example Comment
Assisting Concertmaster Lyndon Johnston Taylor, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Assistant Concertmaster Jeremy Constant, San Fransisco Symphony
Assistant Concertmaster Nicola Birkhan, Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks German: Vorspielerin
1st Assistant Concertmaster Tjeerd Top, Concertgebouw Orchestra "assistant principal violinist" according to the official homepage.
2nd Assistant Concertmaster Simon James, Seattle Symphony

Concertmaster II Kristiansand They have 2 Konsertmester I
3nd Concertmaster Ingrid Sjönnemo, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra My translation, GSO uses Google translate for the webpage :-( Would have to see a job ad to know what their translation is.
Concertmaster Emeritus ?
Assistant Leader Tomo Keller, London Symphony Orchestra
Sub-Leader BBC Symphony

Not sure what to do with "acting"; acting first assistant concermaster etc.

Guest Concertmaster

Guest Concertmaster ?
1st Guest Concertmaster Alexander Kerr, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Concertmaster Emeritus

Concertmaster Emeritus ?

Other positions

Sub-Leader Lennox Mackenzie, London Symphony Orchestra
Sub-Principal LSO again