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  • InlineIcon: a personal template which inserts a specified pre-sized icon, inline to the text. Defaults to MusicBrainz icon if no parameter is passed. Includes various MetaBrainz and other commonly used logo icons.
Usage: {{User:TrisquelWhare/Templates/InlineIcon}} produces MusicBrainz logo 2016.svg inline to the text.
 {{User:TrisquelWhare/Templates/InlineIcon|jamendo}} produces jamendo-logo-678x772.png
 {{User:TrisquelWhare/Templates/InlineIcon|picard}} produces MusicBrainzPicardlogo.svg
Options: |acoustic, |bb, |book, |cover, |cb, |critique, |github, |irc, |jamendo, |jira, |lb, |listen, |messy, |meb, |metabrainz, |mb, |musicbrainz, |picard, and |wiki.