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trisquelwhare 64x64.png TrisquelWhare [ MB: TrisquelWhare | IRC: TrisquelWhare | Wiki: TrisquelWhare | Home | TrisquelWhare ]
Hi everyone, I am TrisquelWhare, a new editor on MusicBrainz as of January 2019. I live in West Auckland, New Zealand, and my native tongue is NZ English, commonly with a preference for NZ/UK spelling but I've been online for so long that my spelling has become a jumble of both British and American spelling. Apologies for any confusion this causes. I joined the MB community primarily in order to add any missing information to the MB database about music tracks which I have been downloading from Jamendo.

My online presence

My MetaBrainz presence

You can find me on MusicBrainz itself, on the MusicBrainz Community forums, and I'm on the MusicBrainz IRC channel as TrisquelWhare as well.

My non-MB but still music-related presence

I am commonly found on Jamendo, downloading new monthly playlists compiled by the staff there. To support my efforts on MusicBrainz, I also now have accounts on ccMixter, Discogs, Bandcamp,, Spotify, SoundCloud, and the Free Music Archive.

My social networking presence

My primary social networking presence these days is on Steem, which is "a social blockchain that grows communities and makes immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for sharing content".[1] Simply put, Steem is a social network where users get paid in cryptocurrency for their contributions. This approach is an improvement over traditional social networks like Facebook and Twitter, who treat their users as the product being sold. I do maintain a presence on Faceook and Twitter as well, but I'm not very active there. You can also find me on Google+, MeWe, Diaspora*, and GNUSocial (aka StatusNet / Mastodon).

My projects

This is a list of the MusicBrainz-related projects that I am currently working on. I joined the MB community primarily in order to add any missing information to the MB database about music tracks which I have been downloading from Jamendo, so that will be the primary focus of the projects in this list, but I am open to taking on other tasks as I learn more about MB.

My sandboxes

Out of habit, I maintain a few permanent sandbox pages which I recycle. This way I am not creating multiple subpages in my userspace all the time. I use these sandboxes when creating or editing large or busy pages, so as not to interfere with other users work. I will generally place a  Status  mark (or similar) on the original page with a link to the appropriate sandbox here to indicate that the page is being worked on elsewhere. On such larger wiki edits, I will generally seek guidance and input from other editors before committing my changes.

My templates

One of the first things I have noticed about this wiki (after having only been registered here for mere minutes) is the distinct lack of templates which I would commonly use on a wiki, such as Hatnotes, Stubs, and even Userboxes. To address this deficit, I may add some custom templates within my own userspace here for my own use, and perhaps later look at proposing some common templates be added to this wiki for more general use.


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