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This page is for collecting information about languages currently spoken by Moderators. This could help with various matters, for example when you are editing an entry in a language you don't know well and wish to have advice from someone who knows the language better.

The following SubPages list all moderators who speak that language


  • (This list is automatically generated)

How to Add Yourself

Please add your native language(s) and any others that you feel proficient in or knowledgeable about.

This is how it works: Add the languages you know to your UserPage like this ["ModeratorLanguage/Klingon/Native"] if you would speak Klingon natively. This way people will be able to find you using the BackLinks to the language-pages above. There are three degrees of how good you speak a language, each represented by a SubPage: /Native, /Fluent, and /Some.

If you find that these links do not lead anywhere, then you might have to create the language pages (e.g. if you are the first person on this wiki to add themselves with a new language). In this case please create the following pages (example using Klingon):

  • The langugage page ModeratorLanguage/Klingon/ as a SubPage to ModeratorLanguage. You can use the ModeratorLanguageTemplate for that.
  • The three Sub-SubPages: /Native, /Fluent, and /Some. Those pages should just contain one line: #REDIRECT ModeratorLanguage/Klingon/. That's it. Note that there seems to be a bug reagarding free-text links. See the discusion below.

If you are willing to provide translation help to others, please add your information to OnlineTranslator under "Other Resources" as shown, thanks


Does anyone know why I (and Zout, and maybe others) aren't listed? I really don't need this feature actually, but just letting you know there might be some people missing from the lists... --azertus

  • Just because didn't add yourself. Read the section above and modify your userpage then you will be listed. Everyone has to do this himself. --Shepard
    • Sigh, I did add myself and I used to be listed... --azertus
      • Looking at your userpage you are not added correctly ;) --Shepard
    Thanks for mentioning this. It seems that [:ModeratorLanguage/Dutch/Native:Dutch] does link to the page, but is not counted as a valid link by the search [[FullSearch(linkto:ModeratorLanguage/Dutch/Native)]]. On the other hand, ["ModeratorLanguage/Dutch/Native"] seems to work. I found this to be a known MoinMoin bug: MoinMoinBugs/WikiParserInterwikiLinkDetectionBug. This means you must link to your ModeratorLanguage using the ["ModeratorLanguage/Klingon/Native"] syntax until the bug gets fixed and our Wiki updated. --DonRedman

Is This Bad Terminology?

Tentative Summary

ModeratorLanguage is BadTerminology. In the replace-moderator-by-editor-process it should probably be called EditorLanguage. However I don't like reducing the persons here just to the job of editing the database so I prefer UserLanguage. On the other hand you could say the purpose of these language pages is to find people to help you with editing. But that does not mean they are themselves active editors. If we get a consensus on a new name I will rename all pages and fix the links. --Shepard

  • To quote myself from BadTerminology:
    • >>We try to say "edit" or "vote" instead of "moderate" were ever this is possible. It seems, however, that there are cases where you have to use the term "moderate". These are cases like "ModerationNote" or "moderator" which refer to something that has to do with both editing and voting. I thus propose to officially declare "moderate" to be good terminology if and only if it refers to both editing and voting.<<
    and that's exactly what is the case here. This page is about the language of people who both edit and vote. UserLanguage is not a good alternative, since there are users of MusicBrainz, who only use the data but never edit nor vote. Moderator really seems to be irreplacable in some contexts. --DonRedman
    • I agree with this, I don't really like the idea of adding *another* term ~ mr.wetsock

      Might Contributer be a better choice? It avoids the problem that moderator has of having been used for too many things already and neatly encompasses everyone that uses the site for more than just tagging - developers who contribute code, editors contributing data, and voters contributing time to check that data. You and ruaok do not edit or vote much so while you would fail both parts of the definition you gave for moderator I don't think anyone would argue that you're not both major contributers. --DJKC
      • Ding! Everyone who contributes regulary to MB is a candidate for providing help in language issues. Therefore I think ContributorLanguage would be the most correct term - but not very intuitive. :/ --Shepard
        • True, although a list of spoken languages isn't that common either outside of translation projects, so people that are looking for that sort of help or browsing user pages that have it set should still come across it without too much problem. At the very least it's better than something like LanguagesWhatWeSpeak --DJKC