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This page outlines websites that MusicBrainz can use to retrieve cover art.

There are a number of times that cover art isn't available on Amazon, either due to customer-submitted images or to an absence of a release. Also Amazon does not stock a lot of indie music that other smaller retailers on the net sell.

In order for MusicBrainz to deep link (link directly to a JPEG file on the retailers site) MusicBrainz needs permission from the retailer. Each retailer should be contacted to ask for permission to deep link to their site and MusicBrainz should NOT link to a retailer if no permission has been granted.

Proposed Web Sites

  • When adding a site, please include an example release and a direct link to its cover.
  • Please also place the sites alphabetically.
Site Example release Cover URL Contacted Permission URL
[[[Image:550338.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:prozak_small.jpg]] Cover] Yes permission
[[[Image:133836.jpg]] Cover] No -
Discogs Example Cover No -
eMusic Example Cover No - Example Cover No -
[[[Image:088.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:64866M.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:xgn010.jpg]] Cover] Yes (none yet)
[[[Image:CS232113-01A-BIG.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:cover_200.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:CD_jbt-funky.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:1000350681.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:Aquarium_Careless_Russian_Rover.jpg]] Cover] No -
[[[Image:picture.jpg]] Cover] No -

Supported Web Sites

So far we support CD Baby and cover art links. To create a new cover art link, follow these steps:

  • Go to the release you'd like to add cover art to.
  • Click on Relate to URL
  • Select the has coverart at link type
  • Enter the URL to the image itself (i.e. ends in .jpg or .JPG)
    • [[[Image:prozak.jpg]] CD Baby]
    • [[[Image:xgn017.jpg]]]
  • For CD Baby, you're done. For, proceed to the next step
  • Since does not have a consistent scheme for music URLs and coverart URLs, you need to add a seperate get the music link to the music page. (e.g. You can choose any of the 4 get the music' link sub-types.

That should link in the cover art and make sure the Info link below the cover art goes to the right place.

Ruoak has said that links to art on artist's own website may be linked to, but only if written permission to do so is requested and received from the artist or their representative. In such a case, that written permission must be published here in the wiki. -- BrianFreud [2007-05-10:4:33EST]

Using's Wayback Machine

Upon a consultation with our IP attorney Ed Cavazos, linking to images in the Wayback machine is OK. You may link any type of album cover in the wayback machine, including bootlegs. However, if we receive a request to remove a link to a Wayback machine image from a copyright owner, we will comply and remove that link.

  • Personally I think this is pretty underhand and not very professional of us to do. If we can't get proper permission we use wayback and wait for the image owners to issue a C&D? So basically we are saying the only reason we don't steal images from the point of origin is because they could replace them with a 'Stop Stealing Images' jpg, or something less pleasant (and frankly, we would deserve it). Where's the morals, and indeed respect for other discography sites? --Gecks
    • I cannot agree more :/ - what good can we expect from links like: [[Image:m16507uneac.jpg]] or ? This IMHO is just plain bad (eg: using archive as to bypass the need for an authorization) and only calling for trouble... Please consider rethinking this. Please DeleteWhenCooked if you think I'm overstating the importance of this. -- dmppanda 12:21, 22 May 2007 (UTC)

If you believe that MusicBrainz violates your copyright by linking to a Wayback machine image, please see CopyrightViolationNotice for details on how to report a copyright violation to MusicBrainz.


This section should contain form letters that volunteers could use to ask for permission. Please volunteer to write such a letter!


Discussion on MB-Users:


  • -- Just some thoughts from IRC... Catgroove, Freso, warp, and I discussed ASINs which don't have coverart, and whether they ought to be added. Though most supported the practice, catgroove did raise a valid point which bears mentioning. The current use of the ASIN AR is overloaded. It's essentially a "can be purchased for mail order at" AR combined with a "has coverart at" AR, while also being a useful unique identifier that other sites using MusicBrainz data can use to match their data with MusicBrainz data. However, now that Amazon also does 3rd party sales, they increasingly have ASINs which don't pull up art, as the art is user-submitted, not Amazon-created. In these cases, we could link the ASIN for all the other benefits, but then either we then add a coverart AR to get the art from a different source, or we have an ugly empty box show up in the coverart area. Catgroove raised the point that we may be implying a MusicBrainz endorsement of the 3rd party Amazon seller by linking to the Amazon listing for this sort of ASIN, and thus, might be responsible if the purchaser linked from MusicBrainz to the 3rd party via Amazon is unhappy with his/her purchase. --BrianFreud [5/20/2007] hey brian, you may want to add a link to the point in the chatlog when we started talking it, so people can read for themselves :) DeleteWhenCooked -- mo 23:23, 20 May 2007 (UTC) I would, but just like the "DateTime" string in wiki, I have no idea how to pull off the fancy-IRC-linkage-thingers :P DeleteWhenCooked --BrianFreud -- Regarding Ruoak's comment above, as I quoted, perhaps we ought to have a subpage for Artist/Label permissions and links? Stumbled onto Sub Pop's blanket permission page, in their FAQ. Could be a useful to list all the permissions together "Can I use images/sound clips/whatever from the Sub-Pop site?" "You are hereby granted official Sub-Pop permission to use unaltered Sub-Pop owned material from the Sub Pop web emporium." --BrianFreud