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In some cases, a track (or possibly even a release) doesn't have a credited performer of any discographic relevance (example: nature sounds releases). These tracks (or releases) should be credited to '''[no artist]'''.
==Additional Information==
'''[no artist]''' is a [[Special Purpose Artist|SpecialPurposeArtist]].
For details about when to use (and not use) '''[no artist]''', refer to [[No Artist Style|NoArtistStyle]].
Please note that '''[no artist]''' '''''must not''''' be used in cases where the information is unknown, but exists. For such cases, consult [[Unknown Artist|UnknownArtist]]. There also exists other informally used [[Special Purpose Artist|SpecialPurposeArtist]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s, which may be more appropriate than '''[no artist]''' depending on the context, and a special artist as well for [[Data Track|DataTrack]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s (the [[Data Track Artist|DataTrackArtist]]).
* [[Release:c940eeee-227c-46ea-9162-2398bd0490c2|100 Spectacular Sound Effects (disc 3)]] has [[Release Artist|ReleaseArtist]] '''[no artist]'''
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