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Zout suggested that we clarify what ExtraTitleInformation is and the different bits of Extra Title Information Style. I created this as a project page. Once clarification has been reached the pages could be updated. --DonRedman

What is Extra Title Information

This list tries to collect everything that can be considered ExtraTitleInformation. Then in a second step we can decide which one to include in the Track Title and which not. There is also more info on the page on TrackVersions.

  • versions:
    • simple: "Song Name (remix)" / "Song Name (dub)" / "Song Name (take 2)"
    • just attribute: "Song Name (alternate)" / "Song Name (acoustic)" / "Song Name (classical)"
    • with-attribute version: "Song Name (attribute type)"
      • attributes: alternate / instrumental guitar piano vocal chorus acoustic / rough heavy slow / album EP single radio / $language / $year
      • types: version mix remix edit dub take cut reprise
    • named version: "Song Name (Fire in the Sky version)" / "Song Name (Butterfly remix)"
    • with-author mix: "Song Name (DJ Dee Jay mix)" / "Song Name (Dee Jayer's remix)" / "Song Name (remix by Dee Jay)"
    • complex: "Song Name (Dee Jayer's 1992 'Ultrabot' remix at Mix Fest)" – any subset of remixer's name, moment, place, title and type of remix
    • other: "prerelease|demo|initial [version|mix]"
    • vinyl single: "A-side" "B-side" "A-side remix '95"
    • special: "OC ReMix" has special styling
  • "instrumental" (sometimes this distinguishes an instrumental version from a vocal version, sometimes this is just an adjective which applies to all versions of this song)
    • other phrases that mean "instrumental" (usually these distinguish this verision from another vocal version)
      • song title (original instrumental)
      • song title (without vocal)
      • song title (Backtrack)
      • song title (Backtracks)
      • song title (Back track)
      • song title (Backing track)
      • song title (karaoke)
      • song title (original karaoke)
      • song title (-1 karaoke)
      • song title (karaoke version)
      • song title (it's-your-turn-mix)
      • song title (missing both version)
      • song title (TV version) (sometimes means instrumental, more often means edited short version)
      • song title (music box version)
      • song title (off vocal version)
      • song title (vocalless version)
      • song title (negative)—not a separate version, the exact same mix as the original minus the vocal track (for karaoke, probably).
  • "(live)" and variations
  • "feat. Artist X" / "featuring Some Body on flute" / "feat. Artist X of BandName"
  • "Artist A versus Artist B"
  • "from the movie XY" (what about games and other media?)
  • "soundtrack" (??)
  • "bonus" / "limited edition bonus"
  • "unreleased" / "previously unreleased" / "outtake" "album outtake"
  • "taken from Other Release Name"
  • "excerpt" / "highlights"
  • "medley"
  • "jam": example
  • "Other Artist cover" up to "originally by Other Artist on album AlbumName in 1997" or "originally recorded by Hawkwind"
  • "[[[Image:6454.jpg]] see cover]).
  • "Nom de chanson (French version of Song Name)" — extra info: this song is a translation of "Song Name" to French
    • or just "Same Name (German)" — in this case it's version info!
    • or "Title in Italian (translation in English)" — in this case there is no song with the English title, the translation in parantheses is either part of title or just helpful info
  • "Song Name - Composer Name" or "Song Name - music:AnArtist, lyrics:AnotherArtist"
  • I've also seen more weird things like:
    • Excerpt of "Churchil's Speech & Beginning of Aces High" (sic - we'd probably use the quotes differently)
    • Intro (folcloric processing by N. Covaci) (instrumental) (very uninspired translation by me)
  • "interview"
  • "mixshow"
  • "mono"/"stereo"
  • "ensemble"

Relevant Guidelines

This section tries to list all the existant style guidelines (official or not) that are relevant to ExtraTitleInformation.