History:Untitled Bootleg Style

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Status: This guideline has been retired. It has been replaced by Live Bootleg Style and Live Track Style.
This guideline is no longer official, and is retained solely for historical purposes.

A untitled bootleg of a live concert should be named with the date and location of the concert, as follows:

YYYY-MM-DD: Location


  • YYYY = the full year,
  • MM = the numerical month, zero padded,
  • DD = the numerical day of the month, zero padded
  • Location can be the venue name and/or the location, in least significant to most significant order.

If the release venue and date is not known, title the release [unknown].


  • 2000-10-22: Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • 2000-06-01: Dublin, Ireland (disc 2)
  • Milan, Italy (disc 1)
  • 2004-02-27