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  • What about countries where more than one name is common? I prefer "USA" over "United States of America" or "US" because it's a lot shorter and still well known (and is also easier to search for than "US") and "UK" over "United Kingdom" for similar reasons. What about "The Netherlands"/"Netherlands"/"Holland"? "The Netherlands" seems to be the most common but there are quite a few with just "Netherlands". --Nikki About the UK bit. The country UK includes a few countries its self. Should we then use UK (or United Kingdom) instead of England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales? --Sambalbij
    • Well, the releases list just uses United Kingdom. It'd be nice to be able to have a per-track recording info & I'd guess we'd end up using the same country list. From personal prefence (as an English Brit) I always use UK. --ZeroGravitas As a Scottish Brit, I prefer UK too. --RodBegbie About "The Netherlands"/"Netherlands"/"Holland": Holland is definitely wrong. It's a province, not the name of the country. I always use "The Netherlands", as it's plural (meaning 'the low lands'), and I think it's most commonly used.
    I often see live bootlegs where the venue contains the name of the place. I then suggest not to append the place name again. Like: "XXXX-XX-XX: KölnArena, Germany" rather than "XXXX-XX-XX: KölnArena, Köln, Germany". --Shepard
    • I disagree. The place name should always be present. --Sambalbij I agree with Sambalbij. Not everyone knows that Köln is a city. --SenRepus
      • But even if you don't, it's easy to guess, and even easier to verify e.g. with a web search. Or try searching for "KölnArena, Germany"... In any case, I agree with Shepard. --derGraph
    Would anyone be oposed to hosting/linking to some sort of US state and Canadian providence abbreviation list here? --SenRepus I have encountered a huge problem - I have found two radio sessions by the band 65daysofstatic, both without any indication as to the order of the tracks. More to the point, both would end up with the bootleg name 2005-xx-xx: London, UK. This is as much detail as I have about the two. What should I do in the case of this conflict? --eriatarka1