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  • The third-level bullet items get kind of long, wouldn't it be better to have something like the following instead? @alex * World Lingo ** translation from: English ** translation to: English, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish ** dictionary from: Japanese ** transliteration to: Roman, Cyrillic Hmm.. personally I find that to be rather messy and to unorganized for me to read properly, I see your point though. I did entertain the idea about sorting it the other way around, e.g: Dutch (Nederlands) * English to Dutch ** Altavista BabelFish ** Systran ** FreeTranslation.com ** World Lingo * Dutch to English ** Altavista BabelFish ** Systran ** FreeTranslation.com ** World Lingo * Dutch to French ** Altavista BabelFish ** Systran * Dutch to Russian ** World Lingo but that'll get overly repetitive with the links, instead of with the phrases * ** language_1 to language_2 *** language_1 to language_3 etc. which (IMHO) is less of an eyesore. I didn't like how it finally turned out anyway. the list is still a bit 'overperfectionistic' by listing all the languages each translator translates to and fro, most translators do have a set of 'commons' for example; English, French, German and Spanish. what I know I want, is to have all the available languages that any given language can be translated into in a list under that, like I did, but there may be a way of making the list less straining on the eye; perhaps Dutch (Nederlands) * World Lingo ** English to Dutch * also translates Dutch into ** English ** French ** Russian ** Italian ** Greek or some system of Dutch <=> English Dutch => Spanish Dutch => French Dutch <=> (simplified) Chinese

would be better?..

  • also, I can't help it, I want to know, what did you mean by
    • "dictionary from: Japanese" and "transliteration to: Roman, Cyrillic" ? ~mo The idea was that there are three types of translators: phrase translators à la Babelfish (translation to/from), word lookup dictionaries (dictionary to/from), and phrase transliteration (transliteration to/from). The last (transliteration) may be to a script rather than a language. @alex

Maybe this is a situation where the use of SubPages could help? Like listing all the engines that translate to and fro dutch on /DutchLanguage? --DonRedman

You know, I like that idea, what exactly are subpages and how do they work? ~mo

See http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?SubPage. Ill just make an example with SandBox/ArabicLanguage SandBox/EnglishLanguage and SandBox/SystranTranlator* that should be self explanatory. Note that within the parent page or the children (only one level of SubPages are possible) you link to a SubPage /LikeThis. While you have to use the full name SandBox/LikeThis to refer from the outside. That is all ther is to it --DonRedman

  • Uh a typo again, but then it is only an example :-)