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The purpose of this page is to maintain a list of compositions (or so-called standards) that have been played many times, and that present either numerous spelling variants, or some specific spelling and/or capitalization difficulty (possibly related to a GuessCase quirk).

Unless artist intent comes into play (in a few rare cases), jazz track titles should be harmonized according to the composition title variants that have been chosen.

By "chosen", we mean the following:

  • a proposed composition title first enters this page in the "To be discussed list"
  • after it is discussed, eventually changed and approved by both jazz oriented moderators and native english speakers concerned by style and spelling, it enters the main list

The purpose of this page is not to list each and every jazz tune, but should be kept to a reasonable size, and mention only compositions that meet the criteria (more than 20 occurences, and a specific difficulty and/or known multiple variants).

This page should be pointed at in moderation notes, and serves as a reasonably valid authority to justify a track title change, saving time and efforts for both moderators and voters.

This page may also be used as an "editing suggestions source" for editors with too much free time. (that's me - joan)

Note that this page now has a sister project initiated by Creap: the Soul/Compositions project.

Words of warning

  • ASCAP site and search engine are crap. Though they are supposed to be an authority, duplicates, wrong data and failed search are the rule. Use it, but use it with salt and gloves.
  • Of course, you shouldn't be a fool - when harmonizing titles, don't correct track titles if you're not 100% positive that the artist played the composition you're working on...
  • The "track title search" (as provided by the web interface) actually returns a maximum of 100 results, which prevents us from checking some of the compositions correctly... unless you have at hand a raw dump of the pqsql database and can perform custom searches on it.
  • This page is not an official styleguide, and while it is "blessed" by some active editors, it's nothing more than an "ongoing tidying effort memo".
  • It has been recently spotted that some people used double-single-quotes for double quotes. You can spot that fact by a suddenly strange GuessCase behavior...

How to determine and propose a composition title?

  • Subscribe to this page
  • Check ASCAP and BMI for your composition (be sure you have the one you're looking for, and note the composer(s) name). Be aware though that ASCAP doesn't store punctuation.
  • Determine which variant you'll propose for approval using the following rules:
    • Try to favor ASCAP main entry but...
    • Always check what serious/dedicated discographic resources have to say (be they online disco site, or liner notes from recent/complete editions as their documentation are often much better than old releases)
    • Give a shot at http://www.jazzstandards.com
    • If the title has a known/widely-used longer variant than the ASCAP main entry, use the main ASCAP entry, and complete it with the remaining part enclosed into parenthesis, following usual capitalization guidelines
    • for abbreviated words (Rockin), favor the variants with a single quote (Rockin')
    • for quoted words or letters ("C" Jam Blues), favor double quotes
  • Propose your variant in the list, using a syntax similar to the example
  • Wait one week or two for discussion, proposed changes, approval
  • Rejoice! And go harmonize all the occurences of your title!
  • Report the fact you synched your composition, ideally with the number of occurences and the date of the event

Compositions list (approved, collapsed list)

!! New !!

Compositions list (approved, with details)

Note that an "unknown" clean-up status doesn't mean it hasn't been already cleaned, but just that the stupid editor can't remember if he worked on it or not...

  • Do Nothin' 'till You Hear From Me
    • Composer: Duke Ellington & Russel
    • ASCAP: 340043161
    • Variants: a lot! Nothing, Until, 'till, 'til, til, nothin, etc
    • Approved by: dmppanda, claiborne, Joan
    • Discussion: although ASCAP main entry is "Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me", I prefer the abbreviated Nothin', which seems to be the most widely chosen variant in discographic resources
  • 'Round Midnight
    • Composer: Hanighen/Monk/Williams
    • ASCAP: 310082103
    • Variants: eluded leading quote, Round About Midnight, Round 'Bout Midnight, combinations of these, and numerous other...
    • Approved by: dmppanda, claiborne, Joan
    • Discussion: proposed variant is ASCAP main entry. This one was really problematic and triggered a lengthy discussion about Capitalization Styleguide, as it wasn't clear how we should capitalize the R. Decision needed about capitalisation of 'Bout or 'bout
    • Clean-up status: Joan capitalised 'Round where it is the start of the title
  • "C" Jam Blues
    • Composer: Ellington
    • ASCAP: 330001019
    • Variants: commonly without the double quotes, or with a dash, or with single quotes
    • Approved by: dmppanda
    • Clean-up status: Joan made double quotes consistent across the db
  • Manoir de mes rêves
    • Composer: Reinhardt
    • ASCAP: 340041841
    • Approved by: dmppanda
    • Discussion: is french, and as such is murdered and improperly capitalized most time. Note that it sports an american variant title "Django's Castle"
  • I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)
    • Composer: Ellington
    • ASCAP: 390020305
    • Variants: include shorter form, eluded parenthesis, improperly capitalized "And"
    • Approved by: dmppanda, claiborne, Joan
    • Discussion: main ASCAP is the shorter form, proposing the extended form according to guide
    • Clean-up status: have been through database and made "and" consistent Joan
  • A-Tisket, A-Tasket
    • Composer: Alexander/Fitzgerald
    • ASCAP: 310002305
    • Variants: without "-", capitalisation, without the comma, and also the funny "ticket" and or "tacket"
    • Approved by: dmppanda, claiborne, Joan
    • Clean-up status: unknown, though Joan apparently corrected some. Now consistent across db Joan
  • Oh, Lady Be Good
    • Composer: Gerschwin/Gerschwin
    • ASCAP: 420001456
    • Variants: including "!" after the "Oh" and/or appended to the title
    • Approved by: dmppanda, Joan
    • Discussion: IMO the more common choice in discographic resources
    • Clean-up status: unknown
  • 'S Wonderful
    • Composer: Gerschwin
    • ASCAP: 490000441
    • Variants: S', S, Wunderful...
    • Approved by: dmppanda, claiborne
    • Discussion: the recent cap english discussion supports the uppercased S
    • Clean-up status: unknown
  • Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
    • Composer: Oscar Hammerstein/Jerome Kern
    • ASCAP: 330014390
    • Variants: Can't Help Lovin' That Man, Can't Help Loving That Man, etc..
    • Approved by: claiborne, dmppanda
    • Discussion: ASCAP main entry supports "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man." More artists appear to use this version than others.
    • Clean-up status: unknown
  • We should know by checking serious online discographic resources and/or leaflets like the one from the Billie Holiday on Verve complete edition (which I'll do soon). Ultimately, we may make an arbitrary decision on our own. I like Tain't myself, though I'm not fundamentally opposed to 'Tain't (still, it triggers once again the "do we cap the T" english case problem) --- dmppanda
    • Clean-up status: unknown
  • Lover, Come Back to Me
    • Composer: Romberg, Hammerstein
    • ASCAP: 420095221
    • Known variants: without the comma, with exclamation mark
    • Approved by: dmppanda
    • Discussion: Please note there's another unrelated composition by that name, found in "Dead or Alive" soundtracks (and you shouldn't harmonize it of course) (reported by Joan)
    • Clean-up status: Now consistent across db Joan
  • Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?
    • Composer: Louis Jordan/Billy Austin
    • ASCAP: 390145403
    • Variants: Ma' for My, additional commas, additional parentheses, missing question mark...
    • Approved by: dmppanda Joan
    • Discussion: somewhat hairy. My choice goes against ASCAP but I like it like that dmppanda
    • Clean-up status: unknown
  • Blue Rondo a la Turk
    • Composer: Dave Brubeck
    • ASCAP: Not in ASCAP?
    • Variants: "a" <=> "à" and improper capitalization
    • Approved by: dmppanda
    • Discussion: though the "french" way should be "à la Turk", it's already mangled enough (Turk/Turque) to not be considered french anymore, hence the "a" choice, which is apparently the common choice.
  • Not to be confused with "Rondo alla turca" Shepard
    • Clean-up status: Shepard has made the capitalization consistent
  • Bags' Groove
    • Composer: Milt Jackson
    • ASCAP: Not in ASCAP?
    • Variants: Bag's Groove
    • Approved by: dmppanda joan
    • Discussion: "Bags" is the nickname of Milt Jackson, and this tune is his groove, not the groove of some random bag :)
    • Clean-up status: unknown, though tetedechou and dmppanda have cached/corrected a few - Joan has completed
  • I Loves You, Porgy
    • Composer: Gerschwin/Gerschwin
    • ASCAP: 390175934
    • Variants: "Love", eluded/misplaced comma, "Porgy (I Loves You, Porgy)", "I Loves You (Porgy)"
    • Approved by: dmppanda Joan
    • Discussion: "Loves" is definitely not a typo.
    • Clean-up status: unknown

Compositions list (proposed)

Use the following format to propose a composition:

  • Proposed variant
    • Composer: Composer(s) name
    • ASCAP: add the ascap title number (and also in the url of course)
    • Variants: list of known variants, mispelling, improper capitalization
    • Approved by: dmppanda (<- your nick name), (others will add their name here if they agree)
    • Discussion: if needed, your own additional comments, and of course the following discussion
    • Clean-up status: it's strongly recommended you don't start working on it before it's approved...

Actual list:

  • waiting for somebody to move and document the cooker stuff!!

Compositions list (yet in the cooker)

This section (the cooker) may be used as a dump zone to drop in candidates compositions as soon as they are spotted. Wether or not they deserve to make it into the proposed section or not is yet to be decide. Anyhow, no composition shall enter the proposed list without being properly "researched", as defined by the "example" template.

  • 'Tain't Nobody's Business if I Do / Ain't Nobody's Business if I Do / ... Bizness
  • Body & Soul
  • "D & E" or "D and E"?
  • The Girl From Ipanema / The Boy From Ipanema
  • Woody 'n' You
  • "Murder," He Says / Murder He Says / Murder, He Says / "Murder" He Says
  • Indiana (Back Home Again In) / Back Home Again in Indiana / (Back Home Again in) Indiana
  • (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 / Route 66 / Get Your Kicks on Route 66 / Route 66 (Get Your Kicks on)
  • (Hep-Hep!) The Jumpin' Jive / The Jumpin' Jive / Jumping Jive / Jumpin' Jive (Hep-Hep!)
  • (I Don't Stand a) Ghost of a Chance With You / Ghost of a Chance / I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You / ...
  • (I Got a Woman Crazy for Me) She's Funny that Way / She's Funny that Way / ...
  • (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons / For Sentimental Reasons / For Sentimental Reasons (I Love You)
  • Lean Baby / My Lean Baby
  • Deed I Do / 'Deed I Do...
  • Come to Baby, Do!
  • Don't You Know I Care (or Don't You Care to Know) (take 2)
  • Don't get around much anymore
  • East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
  • I'm Just a Lucky So-And-So
  • In a Mellow Tone
  • Just Squeeze Me (but Don't Tease Me)
  • New World A-Comin
  • UMMG
  • The Mood to Be Wooed
  • Tell Ya What I'm Gonna Do
  • Transblucency (A Blue Fog That You Can Almost See Through)
  • The Hawk Talks
  • T.G.T.T. (Too Good to Title)
  • Every Hour on the Hour (I fall in love with you)
  • That Ole Devil Called Love
  • When You're Smiling (the Whole World Smiles With You)
  • Jean-Pierre
  • Jo Jo
  • Ol' Man River
  • Long Ago (and Far Away)
  • Straight, No Chaser
  • Wee (Allen's Alley)