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MusicBrainz Summit 9 happened in London on May 10, 2008. Socializing will happen on May 9 as people trickle in from the various corners of Europe. We're working on pairing up Londoners who have available couch space with folks coming from out of town in order to keep costs to a minimum.

If you are interested in attending, then please do the following:

  1. Mail rob at musicbrainz snot org, with subject "MusicBrainz Summit Information" with the following information:
    • Your mobile number, including your country code
    • If you live in London: Are you willing to have people sleep on your couch?
    • If you do not live in London: Do you need a place to crash? If so, do you have any special needs?
    • Your arrival information: Airline, airport, flight #, scheduled arrival time or train station and arrival time.
  1. Add your information into the arrival section below
    • If you arrive by plane, give us your arrival airport and arrival time. Once you are on the train into london and know its arrival time (it's hard to predict this ahead of time, since the transfer for the airport to the train may be unpredictable), send a txt message to Rob. We'll coordinate to have someone meet you at the train station.
    • If you arrive by train, give us your arrival train station and arrival time.

On thursday I will mail out the mobile numbers from everyone to everyone else so that we can find each other.


As of 6th May, 2008 the go-ahead has been given for this to occur at the Offices in London. The nearest tube stop is Old Street, and yes, there is a ballpool.

More details on getting to the office can be found here.


  • OliverCharles (SoC student) arriving Euston 17:40 9 May, leaving 11th at 9:40am
  • Muz (, lives in London)
  • FauxFaux (pony) arriving Euston 17:33 9 May.
  • Sonium (AlexanderHupfer, SoC Student) arriving Heathrow 19:05 9 May
  • Niklas Berglund (SoC student) arriving Stansted 22:25 9 May
  • OutsideContext (SoC mentor) arriving Stansted 17:30 9 May
  • RobertKaye (MetaBrainz) arriving Heathrow 14:05 8 May
  • dmppanda (benevolent dictator in wait) arriving St-Pancras 22:34 9 May, leaving 20h35 11 May
  • Matthew Wood (BBC) (lives in London)
  • NicholasHumfrey (BBC) (lives in London)
  • ijabz (Paul Taylor, Jaikoz developer - lives in Leeds,UK ) probably - arriving by train Friday afternoon.
  • Richard Baffoe-Djan (Queen Mary University C4DM) (lives in London)
  • kuno, aka warp. arriving at St. Pancras on friday 22:04, leaving on sunday, 14:34 train from St. Pancras.
  • Nikki (lives in London)
  • DaveEvans (BBC, mb sysadmin, and erstwhile mb_server hacker) - arriving either from BBC on Friday, or (if Saturday) into St Pancras at whatever time seems appropriate
  • Patrick Sinclair (BBC) (lives in London)
  • acreature, (Alex Pounds, lives in London)
  • RussGarrett (
  • inhouseuk, arriving Waterloo on Friday afternoon.
  • CatCat aka mo, arriving via snakes on plane (London Stansted), holding sign with "Elg" (moose) at about 23:10

Agenda items

Here are some of the topics that we should discuss at the summit -- these topics are a must:

  1. Google Summer of Code -- All three students and two mentors will be present.
  2. MusicBrainz server development over the summer. Perl, python, Template::Toolkit
  3. Picard and Alexander's SoC project to improve usability
  4. Niklas Berglund's Music Collection project for SoC
  5. Next Generation Schema (NGS) and how that is impacted by the summer coding sprint
  6. The BBC's efforts to help MusicBrainz with NGS.

If you would like to propose more things to be added, please do so below:

  1. Moving to mod_perl 2, but I suspect that's covered by "server development", above - DaveEvans
  2. MusicBrainz URL consistency cleanup and removal of database row numbers -- NicholasHumfrey
  3. English Language alternative names for artists -- NicholasHumfrey
  4. style, documentation, wiki, community organisation -- dmppanda 12:37, 09 May 2008 (UTC) (will try to prepare something in the train)
  5. Wiki, getting to moin 1.6.whateveritwas, re-enabling the FullSearch macro
  6. Summit photos for all of us who can't be there, so we can attend vicariously! :D
  7. [ your idea here ]