Proposal:Reason Not To Treat DVD As CD

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Status: This page describes a failed proposal. It is not official, and should only be used, if at all, as the basis for a new proposal.

Proposal number: RFC-Unassigned
Champion: None
Status: Failed, due to Officially closed as Abandoned, March 24, 2010
This proposal was not tracked in Trac.

Attention.png Status: we probably really need some style document about how to handle dvds - this is rather a (outdated) braindump that may be entirely superseded by such a styleguide and become a CandidateForDeletion. -- dmppanda 15:05, 20 February 2008 (UTC)

Definition of what MusicBrainz catalogues may help with this discussion:

Currently MusicBrainz takes audio data, in any form and tries to give it some meaning. MusicBrainz is not concerned with how the end user utilizes their media. MusicBrainz goal is to be an accurate as possible repository for audible media database in whatever form it may take, as long as there is some history of it in a catagorical format. In so striving to do this, MusicBrainz will begin to accept DVD releases.

MusicBrainz does not store music, nor store video. MusicBrainz stores words that are in the format of a list. For the purpose of the rest of this wiki, I will refer to this listing as a map to the audio information from a release. Be that a Song, Single, EP, Album, Compilation; basically creating a word, or map of the CompactDisc, in database format.

This map of the audio disc is three columns, and whatever amount of rows neeeded to represent the data accurately.


TrackTitle: Artist of song: Time of Track:

Sometimes Artist of song is an invisible field due to the disc being all from the same artist.

To add a mixed format disc, we would have to add another column to the database layout, thus having:


TrackTitle: Artist of song: Type of media: Time of Track:

The reason this varies is, in a normal audio designation, MusicBrainz and its users know all of the tracks are music, and those that are not, we generally delete, or name [[[Data Track|DataTrack]]] for the name, in place of "Name of Song"

They are two different forms of media, and that is correct. Their layout is different. MusicBrainz has opted to catalogue DVD and now we're faced with two decisions. Do we catalogue them in the same fashion, if we do, is it with additional title information, and how do we represent everything on the disc. Currently we have opted for what the track list would be, because this is how MusicBrainz is designed to accept data with its track list word image map.

In attempting to make this clear, we're accepting the simple audio part of the DVD in the way we can manage it within our current database scheme. Anything additional for the moment will have to be added to annotations, or with AR links.


Is using Release instead of Album still semantically the same. -- MartinRudat 12:11, 30 April 2006 (UTC)

I think Release is a more accurate term than Album. Though, previous to this I believe Album was the choice usage term. Nyght