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Discussion about Artist Aliases

I can't really see the distinction between the "Localization" case and that of "Transliteration"; in both cases the name is being converted across alphabets while trying to preserve pronunciation, I think. - DaveEvans

  • The distinction is minimal. With "Localization" there is an official transliteration but it differs from country to country. With "Transliteration" there is no official transliteration; e.g. there are different modes of writing arab names in latin alphabets all over the world. --DonRedman Don has it pretty much right, although I would add that localizations don't necessarily reflect official transliterations, just that different transliterations may be more appropriate for different languages due to their pronounciation of letters. Furthermore, localization isn't (necessarily) a conversion between alphabets, e.g. Tchaïkovski is entirely representable within the English alphabet (we use i-dieresis for naïve) but is not the standard spelling in that language. It is true that in many cases aliases exhibit both localization and transliteration. @alex

Something like the following: 
  • [19:07 11/19] <dupuy> I guess once we have better AR stuff, we could add a new type of alias that maps a single name onto multiple artists

is needed for handling cases like the various m-flo related releases which are put out as "m-flo loves Crystal Kay", "m-flo loves Yoshiki", etc on the singles but are more properly just m-flo releases that need to be credited to m-flo with "(feat. Crystal Kay)" appended to the track name. Same applies for the Crystal Kay loves m-flo single. - DJKC

There is some stuff in SortNameStyle that is relevant to aliases (notably the idea of "authority names").  There should probably be a page AliasesAndSortnames that explains why you should have an alias for the sortname (since the sortname is not searched), as well as a SelfAlias page explaining why you want an alias for the primary artist name.  @alex 

Please Note: The ArtistAlias we have here at MusicBrainz isn't the same like at discogs!
Here at MusicBrainz they are PerformanceName of artists and shouldn't be added as ArtistAlias. --Schika

There have been many attempts at adding aliases duplicating the ArtistSortName, from editors who think it would help LastFM problems in some way. This *won't* help them (has been verified on existing aliases). And this is useless to MusicBrainz. -- dmppanda 22:20, 02 February 2007 (UTC) 
  • What do you mean by this won't help. I can search aliases when I can't search sortnames. If that does not help, what does it do? -- jesus2099 15:41, 16 April 2007 (UTC)
    • Please read again. If you really need it, I can translate to french (ask by PM). Please DeleteWhenCooked. -- dmppanda 08:25, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
      • Yes, please translate. I'm still adding aliases similar to sortname because sortnamse are not parsed by the search -- jesus2099 17:46, 04 June 2008 (UTC)
        • -> "En de nombreuses occasions, des éditeurs en provenance de LastFM ont tentés d'ajouter divers alias, notamment dupliquant le sort-name, avec l'idée que cela aidera à résoudre les problèmes de classement propres à LastFM [ ... ]". Ce n'est absolument pas le cas, et n'aidera lastfm en aucune manière. LastFM n'utilise plus la donnée live de MusicBrainz depuis longtemps. Le fait que la recherche interne à Musibrainz utilise ou non le sortname est hors sujet ici - le but de ce commentaire était (et demeure) de réduire le nombre de tentatives d'ajouts d'alias sans objet basées sur des élucubrations concernant les problèmes de tel ou tel consommateur downstream sans considérations pour MB en tant que tel (eg: sans égard pour les limites du système propres à MB). Merci d'effacer tout ces commentaires le cas échéant, afin que le post initial garde sa valeur (en ce sens) sans être noyé sous les commentaires additionnels ne traitant pas directement du sujet. Amicalement. DeleteWhenCooked. -- dmppanda 19:44, 06 June 2008 (UTC)
          • Désolé, je n'avais pas du tout vu qu'il s'agissait de lastfm. Je ne parlais pas de la même chose. Maintenant, pour la recherche MB, l'alias est nécessaire. -- jesus2099 18:42, 08 June 2008 (UTC) Sorry, I didn't realize it was about lastfm. I was not talking about the same thing indeed. Now for MB search, the alias is necessary. -- jesus2099 18:42, 08 June 2008 (UTC)

Is there a list which values the type attribute will support (or at least some discussion about this)? --OutsideContext