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Status: This page describes an active proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-49a
Champion: BrianFreud
Current status: In development

Trac ticket # 1372

This was a part of Release Type Restructuring Proposal. It deals with Status, not Type, so it's been moved here for future development of the ideas.

Everything below is potentially a mess.

the status of the release. These should not be multiple choice as one release conglomeration should only be able to be one of these options at a time. (while per days date, release events and labels are separated from release status.)

exactly like it is today, sanctioned by *both* the artist and the record-company (if applicable). These releases are most likely listed on the artists' own website and most fansites.
same as today. albums not sanctioned by the record company (owner of the licence/copyright) but may or may not be sanctioned by the artist. These albums might be listed on official websites (rare), but most good fansites will have a bootleg section.
this a new, confusing type, this is for releases that may be sanctioned by the record-company (or resold/legally pirated by other companies) but *not* necessarily by the artist.
  • Wizzcat suggests retail as a name instead. please discuss.

Commercial not sanctioned by the artist (but the licence may be i norder / not illigal in italy/etc)

same as today, for releases that are given away (usually free) by sweepstakes. magazines, competitions etc.

a new type. a demo is released by an unknown band to promote themselves, usually released in a crude format such as a homeburnt CDR or homemade cassette (f.ex blink-182's Buddha demo). Alternately a demo can be an early version of a song, recorded before the final layout of the song has been... layed out. The demo release type is not for releases that were, either commercially, officially or unofficially, compiled and released after the final cut/album was released.

Release Status

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