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This relates a release or track to the person who wrote its lyrics. "Lyrics" in this case are sequences of words in a particular language, in a form that can be written down. Nonsense vocal sounds and noises are generally not considered to be lyrics, and nor are interjections ("oh yeah!", "c'mon!") which don't form a meaningful component of the lyrics.

Link Phrases


  • start date
This indicates the date the lyricist first worked on the lyrics.
  • end date
This indicates the date the lyricist last worked on the lyrics.
  • additional
This should be used to distinguish contributors of lyrics whose contributions form only an "additional", or minor, part of the song.
  • translated
This attribute indicates that the linked lyricist translated the lyrics of the work into another language (independently of whether (s)he also wrote them).
The translated language must be different from the original language. While a literal translation is not required for this attribute, the translated lyrics should still be distinctly and detectably derived from the original lyrics.
  • vocal
This indicates that the linked lyricist wrote a set of lyrics for a particular vocal type.
  • In the future this should be connected to the Advanced Vocal Tree.
  • Ideally I'd like to add an "Add Another" option for this.


The Garbage song Push It contains some lyrics taken from the song Don't Worry Baby written by Brian Wilson and Roger Christian. In this case, the last two could be credited as "additional" lyricists on the track, since those lyrics form only a minor part of the song.

The lyricist should not be confused with the librettist, which is handled by the librettist relationship type.