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This relationship links rights societies to the artists and labels they represent.
Affiliation is a type of contract in which a rights society collects royalties on performance or reproduction of a work and pays a portion of those royalties back to the publishers of that work and the artists who composed it.

Link Phrases


  • start date
This indicates the date from which the artist or label was affiliated with a rights society.
  • end date
This indicates the date after which the artist or label was no longer affiliated.



  • An artist can only be affiliated with one rights society at a time. It may be tempting to add relationships for each society in which that artist's works are licensed, but do not do this. Check a works search engine like ACE ( or Repertoire ( for the artist's affiliation and only relate that artist to the society you see listed.
  • Rights societies only pay royalties to publishers. No other Label type is to be used for this relationship.


  • In release liner notes you sometimes see rights societies' names listed alongside publishers. This does not mean that the societies published works themselves. The rights societies' names are there to state to which labels those societies pay royalties for performance of the listed song.