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This page tracks the current issues with works as the style council works toward drafting a new Work style guideline.

If you have additional issues to raise, please add to the list and send an email to the style mailing list to discuss. If an issue has no champion, and is something you want to take on, list yourself as a champion and begin discussion!

Issue Title Description Raised by Champion Status
WI-01 Remixes Need to determine if remixes should be different works, and if so under what circumstances they should be. pbryan open
WI-02 Opera recordings Recording boundaries for opera can often appear in arbitrary positions of the libretto. Should each be considered a work? pbryan pbryan open
WI-03 Classical work granularity What are the largest and smallest acceptable granularity work types that should exist for classical works? pbryan open
WI-04 Side-long epics and singles Progressive rock bands have chopped out sections from their side-long epics and released those as singles, sometimes with different titles. How should these be represented as works and related to others? Torc open
WI-05 Edited recordings How much editing would be required to have a separate work entry? Most single edits are only a few seconds shorter than their album versions, but there's also cases like Yes singles, or the single edit of Thick as a Brick. Torc open
WI-06 Jazz covers Is a new cover a different work? If not, is there a point (which may be difficult to define) where the answer would be yes? DavidtoF open
WI-07 Classical arrangements Define when an arrangement (etc.) is a new work symphonick open
WI-08 Works published together Allow super-works for works that were published together but aren't multi-part works; "8 songs, Op. 88". (titles of the sub-parts wouldn't include the "collection", could be "Firsttitle, Op. 88 No. 1") symphonick open
WI-09 Medleys When does a medley become a new work? Nikki open
WI-10 Link phrases What should the link phrases for other version be? (they're not very good right now). Should we rename it to derivative work? Nikki open
WI-11 Aggregate Works How should Aggregate Works be differentiated from Works with the Same Title? Rphill Rphill open
WI-12 Work Titles that are part of an Aggregate Work. If a work is part of another (Aggregate) Work how should this relationship be represented within the Work Title? Rphill Rphill open
WI-13 Expanding Work Types Is it desirable to use Works to represent (e.g.) Catalogs? Arrangements? Variations? caller#6 caller#6 open
WI-14 What is purpose of Works entity? Agree on and write down the purpose for having Works entities in MusicBrainz, and why contributors should want to spend the effort to enter such data. In particular: are we cataloguing music compositions for their own sake, or as a means to better describe the contents of music recordings? JimDeLaHunt open
WI-15 Should Works entity make Classical Style Guide compliance much easier? Classical Style Guide compliance is hard. I believe this is inherent: any Classical Style Guide telling how to write a text string describing a track's worth of recorded classical music will be complicated and hard to learn. The only hope MB contributors have for submitting good classical music Recording or Track titles to become much easier, is to let them select from a list of well-formed work names which CSG experts have prepared and reviewed beforehand. Will the Works entities and ARs in MusicBrainz have a primary goal of helping make CSG compliance much easier? If so, how? If not, what other MB structure will do this job? JimDeLaHunt open

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