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Official Style Guideline

Template:official style guideline contains a status bar that confirms the officialness of the article and adds the article into Category:Official Style & Category:Style.

All articles in Category:Official Style have been tagged with Template:official style guideline except:

  1. Capitalization Standard English and Capitalization Standard Latin
    • There are the only two capitalization standards in this category, why are the rest not here? All of them seem to be in the transclusion table.
  • They weren't until late last fall; While working on the inline style viewer for an older NGS RE, and as a part of the Part Number Style proposal, I noticed that a lot of caps standards and official style guidelines weren't transcluded, and annoyed a transclusion editor until they all got transcluded.  :P -- BrianFreud
      • We got all the guidelines and caps std pages, official and proposal, into the transclusion table over the summer. Just watch out on the caps standard pages; theres 4 or 5 that have been stuck in the "proposed" stage for a good few years, waiting on a champion to finish them and RFC them. BrianFreud
  1. Single Disc Number Style
  2. Part Number Style
    • A "proposed draft" that seems to have got stuck.
  3. Proposal:Soundtrack Title Style
    • Not "official", but seems to be the defacto standard.

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