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Additional Metadata and Information

Some information cannot be stored in the MusicBrainz database but is important background information for editing and voting. These are:

  • InternationalArtists - Lists of artists from certain countries. This is a good point to start editing on artists in your native language! Also if you want to keep track on the artists from a certain (your) country you can subscribe to the artists on this list.
  • TracksWithMultipleArtists - Tries to list all releases that have tracks that consist of more than one song by more than one artist.
  • FictitiousArtists - Lists artists in the database which don't exist as real persons but are of discographic relevance because material was released under their name - for example the Muppets.

The following pages don't try to be exhaustive lists but more describe general constructs which can be found in the database and give some examples for that:

  • VirtualDuplicateReleases - Releases that were duplicated with another tracklisting although they do not actually exist in this version (so they are virtual) - either because of tagging problems with special Unicode characters or for just transscripting/translating them (often done with Japanese releases). In a future database version it might be possible to put all these entries into one.
  • BandWithMainPerformerName - Description and list of a special construct where bands have the name of the main performer.

Finally there are some pages with genre specific metadata that might help when editing in that area:



Trivia is the fun in data!

Subjective Data

Reviewing entities is possible through CritiqueBrainz. Storing other subjective, non-factual data maybe one of the future goals of MusicBrainz. As by now there are only proposals.