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Hi, and welcome to MusicBrainz! This page is intended to give you a few starting points to edit MusicBrainz. Please read it (and any other guides relevant to what you want to do) before starting to edit. If after reading you're still stuck, then contact us so we can help you and hopefully make the guides more useful for other users.


What is MusicBrainz?

MusicBrainz is a community-maintained open source encyclopedia of music information. Data in MusicBrainz can be edited by anyone, so artists and fans can fix and extend the information. Note that unlike Wikipedia, changes to the data don't usually apply automatically, but have to be voted on.

How does Winamp use MusicBrainz's data?

Winamp uses the MusicBrainz database to provide companion artist content (a biography and a list of releases) that syncs with the artist you are listening to.


Creating a MusicBrainz account

First, you need to create a MusicBrainz user account.

Creating a MusicBrainz artist page

Winamp will search MusicBrainz for the name of the artist you're playing. If the one you want doesn't show in the search, it's likely that it is not in MusicBrainz at all, so you'll have to create an entry for it. Creating a new artist is simple, just follow the How to Add an Artist guide. Don't try to turn an existing, different artist into the one you want, just add a new artist for it and work with that.

Once the artist page has been created on MusicBrainz it may take a few hours to show in Winamp.

Adding a biography

Winamp displays biography extracts from the Wikipedia page related to the artist in MusicBrainz. You can add the Wikipedia page like any other URL.

Adding releases

For adding releases to the artist (and thus to Winamp's list of albums), follow the How to Add a Release guide.