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IIUC The original artist is to be filed as the TrackArtist and the remixer in the TrackTitle in parantheses, right? But what about albums? Who should be the PrimaryArtist there: The original artist or the remixer? --DonRedman

  • Does the ReleaseType matter, not really or? It may be helpfull to post/link an example which isn't clear for you (or others). ;) Here some examples, where only one track is a remix (disc) and where the whole album contains just remixes (disc 1 & disc 2). --Schika

Untitled Remixes

How should remixes without an official remix title be formatted? Case in point, Nine Inch Nails' Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D. Three of the remixes have official names, two of which are mentioned in the liner notes (the other, a re-released fan remix, has an official remix title on its original distribution site, but not inside the liner notes). --cparker15