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I'm BrianFreud on the site and in IRC. My Profile: Editor:BrianFreud

You can find also me at

I edit a lot. I'm tend to work on classical these days. I've written some search plugins for PicardQT, I help handle the MB info/support requests, and I've done some (very) minor bug fixing on the server code.

I also have several GreaseMonkey scripts written for MusicBrainz, available at UserScripts.

PUID generation experiment

To get PUIDs done, but also to test PUID generation, I'm running every file without a PUID through genpuid, to track how long it takes. Every one of these had been seen by genpuid before, but none ever got assigned a PUID, for whatever reasons. The files are a mix of types, almost all either ogg vorbis or mp3. All mp3s were also run through a deep scrubbing by MP3 Diags prior to genpuid analysis, to fix any frame issues/etc that might prevent PUID generation.


All files were saved by Picard using a $if(%musicip_puid%,PUID,no PUID) filter to separate those without a puid. Each file was then run through genpuid between 8/22/2010 and 8/28/2010. All are then loaded in Picard (v.0.12.1, rev 1043). The files are all moved to the left side. Move and rename are both turned off, clear existing and save tags are both turned on. The files are then scanned and saved. They're then loaded into Jaikoz, and any files which now have PUIDs in their tags have mbid-puid pairs submitted. Finally, the files are again loaded into Picard (without moving them to the left side), with move and rename now tuned on, and resaved. This has the effect of updating any changes for files which still have no puids, but more importantly, it moves any files which now have puids out of the 'no puid' directory, allowing easy counting of how many files still remain without a PUID.

date file count (w/o PUID) pass
8/28/2010 95,063 initial
9/1/2010 87,070 1st, followed by running genpuid on all files again
9/3/2010 84,011 2nd, followed by running genpuid on all files again
9/4/2010 81,661 3rd, genpuid now set to rerun continuously
9/6/2010 84,076 4th, genpuid still running, ~6,000 new files added prior to PUID check
9/10/2010 71,503 5th
9/13/2010 71,185 6th
9/14/2010 71,972 7th; another 8000 files added in
9/14/2010 genpuid and libofa servers offline in AM. PM, libofa back, genpuid still down.
9/17/2010 61,927 Added another 2899 new files. Removed all files under 10 seconds in length (13,240 of them) from processing, as they theoretically cannot get a puid anyhow.
9/20/2010 58,097
9/21/2010 57,993
9/27/2010 50,960
10/1/2010 48,849 Run mp3packer on all remaining no-PUID files.
10/6/2010 56,656 No new PUIDs being returned; 7807 new no-PUID files added to the mix.
10/7/2010 54,407
12/12/2010 38,890

MB Theory

Currently rereading Cathedral and the Bazaar for the 20th or so time. I`d suggest autoeditors reread the Homesteading section, mapping "editor" concepts to "hacker" there... Beyond the stated concepts, there's plenty to work with when the theories are mapped to a data contribution level, rather than leaving it merely at the code contribution level. I'm considering writing a response/followup on this. Also, for the next section, something for me to look at more later, when I have the access to do it: He describes code contribution as breaking the TotCommons concept because it causes the grass merely to grow taller. However, I wonder if MB demonstrates (due to the sheer size of the db, even when compared to the size of a Linux-sized codebase) how this is not really so? If you consider the editor/edit count/voter/much lower amount of voting issues we're always trying to solve, is it perhaps more that the grass doesn't just grow taller, but rather than the commons area simply grows progressively larger? Extending the metaphor, an ever larger commons does indeed provide ever more room for sheep to graze... but it also requires an ever larger amount of effort to ensure that the commons itself is maintained (or to breed the larger numbers of sheep that the commons can now support). Is there any research or anything written in game theory which might suggest potential solutions for us in such an Anti-TotCommons situation as we seem to face? (Ever larger areas of grass, but not enough breeding of sheep such that there remain sufficient numbers of sheep to keep the grass from growing too thick and choking itself by overgrowth - ie, ever more edits, in an ever increasing breadth of covered area, but not enough editors also becoming at the same time voters, esp considering that in a best possible world, we need not 2% of editors to be voters, but rather, 300% of editors to be voters?) Wiki's solution (delete low-interest/data amount pages) obviously would be terribly bad for us, so can we find some alternate solution? - -- BrianSchweitzer 05:05, 09 October 2008 (UTC)


I play the alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, as well as the recorder. I also sing tenor II; typically classical, chamber, or barbershop - though karaoke is fun too. ;)

I'm into soundtracks, Nirvana, R.E.M., Led Zeppelin, Mozart, Tori Amos, jazz, and just about anything else...

...except for gospel, Christian contemporary, "hate" music, and country - except maybe for Willie Nelson.

Favorite Music

  • In no particular order... Just about any release of Mozart's Requiem, though I much prefer the Sussmayr version to any of the others.
    • Only exception is the 1945 Berlin, Germany Nazi recording, which just sounds incredibly overpowered, and lacks finesse.
     Thomas Newman's soundtrack to The Shawshank Redemption 
    • The perfect work for a rainy day - or a day you wish it would rain, and need your spirits lifted. (I've also pretty much memorized every line of the movie)
     Toto's expanded score for the Lynch version of Dune 
    • Even as a soundtrack fan, this is one of the few soundtracks I can put on repeat play all day, and still enjoy it at the end of the day. Just a very powerful work. This version is missing Brian Eno's Prophecy Theme, which is the one negative, so sometimes it's nice to alternate this version with the shorter version, which includes that track. (And yes, I do have this movie memorized as well.)
     Aphex Twin's Milkman, on the Girl/Boy EP 
    • First time I heard this track, I started laughing so hard, I nearly crashed my car. It's still able to make me break out laughing all these years later...
     Mindless Drug Hoover's The Reefer Song 
    • Not nearly as well crafted as the Aphex Twin song, but again, one of the few songs that can always make me smile.


My Projects

Projects I need to do


Current Projects

Completed Projects

Suspended Projects

  • Keeping new bootleg add edits clean - There's no good way currently to search for these
  • Keeping new soundtrack add edits clean - There's no good way currently to search for these
  • LiveTrackStyle

Cancelled Projects

Doc Map

Processes: Conflict Resolution Proposals

Style: see User:BrianSchweitzer/sandbox


  • Add a label-URL version of MusicMoz Relationship Type.
  • Add a label-URL version of Online Community Relationship Type.
  • Add an artist-track version of Tribute Relationship Type.
  • Add an artist-URL version of Has Score At Relationship Type.
  • Add an artist-URL version of History Site Relationship Type.
  • Add an artist-URL version of Review Relationship Type.
  • Add a release-URL version of the PureVolume AR.
  • Adding a 'lead' attribute to the performer ARs, for use when an artist is specifically credited with 'lead Template:instrument' or 'lead Template:vocal'.
  • Adding a 'provides discographic information about' AR, to be the release (group?) (and work) equivalent of the artist-URL Discography AR, linking them to an official page for the release (group?) (or work).
  • Adding a 'rhythm' attribute to the performer ARs, for use when an artist is specifically credited with 'rhythm Template:instrument' or (a capella releases only, I guess?) 'rhythm Template:vocal'.
  • Adding a 'solo' attribute to the performer ARs, for use when an artist is specifically credited with a solo.
  • Adding the instrument and vocal attributes to Member Of Band, to allow indication of who played or sang what as a member of a band, rather than just indicating membership. ( )
  • Adding the instrument attribute to the composer AR, for cases where an artist only composed certain instrument(s).
  • Add some attribute for 'fast mixes' to DJ Mix Relationship Type, to separate 'fast mixes' from "real" 'DJ mixes'.
  • Add the guest attribute to Orchestra, Conductor, and Chorus Master Relationship Types - choirs, vocalists, and instrumentalists can currently guest, but orchestras, conductors, and chorus masters cannot.
  • An artist-artist "is a cover band of" type of AR.
  • Better and more specific ARs for liner art/etc credits ( ).
  • (NGS) Add a work-URL Wikipedia AR. (There is no track-URL AR to migrate from, as we kept waiting that one for Works :P)

Artist Intent Vs Facts - Artist Intent vs. The Facts

for SPA phase 2: Artists That Should Be Labels

New ARs
has position

see User:BrianSchweitzer/sandbox4

pie in sky
  • Orchestra Relationship Attribute should be an attribute of the artist, not a per-instance attribute of the Orchestra AR. (Pie in the sky? May need a schema change?)
  • Fix/update the guidelines for Discography Relationship Type.
  • Merchandising Provider Relationship Type needs a point
Other Notes

<math>Insert formula here</math>

Headline text

MusicBrainz Projects of Interest

MusicBrainz Philosophy

This will probably be a continually morphing part of this page. I so enjoy most of what goes on here. Music ought to be about emotion, enjoyment of the experience. This database, it's a collection of information, but also a gathering ground for music fans from all of the world and all different types of music. This is great, as we get all sorts of diversity.

In a way, though, it's also a bad thing. We have so much diversity, but seem to have so little communal spirit. The bigger projects - PicardQt, supporting MusicBrainz itself - those get everyone behind them. But smaller things, like voting, learning the styleguides completely, group projects... they seem to often be forgotten. With 3000 editors editing each day, even with 17 thousand edits open, we ought to be able to clear the database quickly. No open edit ought to have a reason to be unvoted in or out - let alone slip into the database without ever even having had a single vote cast on it. Even if people abstain on half the edits they see, it's still only a handful each day, and we who like to vote would be left begging for more editing. I don't know how to fix it though; it just saddens me to see so much editing, but so little voting.

Projects like my Nirvana project, or the Collaboration of the Month, have problems as well. Suddenly there's a mass of edits all in one place, scaring the subscribers to that artist. Or there's complex decisions to be made on how to interpret the works of an artist, but not enough people, or at least, not enough people talking together, to be able to come to resolutions about those questions. This leaves these types of projects either burning out, as the editors tire of the project, or they blow up, as new editors come in and disagree with the resolutions to the complex problems, viewing them without the perspective gained from the deep exploration into the issues involved. Again, I don't know how to solve this.

Last, the RFP process seems, well, kind of broken. Again, we're all pushing the ship, but everyone's pushing it in different directions. There's several style proposals that are now going into their third year as a proposal, seemingly stuck there. There's style guidelines that literally end mid-sentence, unresolved. Then there's the RFP's that just kind of get lost, a few comments then forgotten. And, though this at least is fixable, it's pretty much all on the wiki - but we seriously need to get this thing into shape, as so many guidelines are basically hidden, unless you know just where to look for them... which brings us right back to the learning the guidelines.

Anyhow, I don't know the answers. I'm swimming in the same pool as everyone else, just trying to find a ledge to stand on. My edits sometimes seem to have a knack for drawing controversy, and I wish that weren't so. But I'll keep muddling on, trying to keep my balence, trying to make this place, as well as the database, a better place than it was when I got here... and no, I'm not leaving. No matter how much chocolate anyone offers. :)

MusicBrainz Editing

Frequent Searches

New English Releases not yet voted on

Open edits I voted to abstain on

Open edits I voted NO on

Things that mostly make you go huh?

Some of the editors I'm inpressed by, new and old...

  • A partial list of people I've run into who just seem to "get" what MusicBrainz is all about... * Editor:aCiD2 * Editor:bogdanb * Editor:bplatt * Editor:Citizen * Editor:cooperaa * Editor:daydreamer * Editor:dmppanda * Editor:drsaunde * Editor:Gecks * Editor:gfmorris - Generally doing a nice job with bootlegs * Editor:grenzelm * Editor:Jugdish * Editor:kuno * Editor:Liff * Editor:lukz * Editor:mo * Editor:-nils- * Editor:PhantomOTO - Seemingly importing the entire metal database :) * Editor:SenRepus * Editor:Shepard * Editor:thewilkybarkid * Editor:xrayx * Editor:zos18

Editors to keep an eye on

  • Alert.png Editor:DSHEPHERD - Almost 400 releases added, nary an edit note, and 30%+ duplicates or bogus
  • Alert.png Editor:blogmusikst1 - Lots of releases added and changes made, ignores style, no edit notes. (Added by voiceinsideyou as a plea for help :p )
  • Alert.png Editor:GeorgeWChubby - ARGH!!!!
  • Alert.png Editor:yoyox - Incredibly sloppy freedb importing, never an edit note, doesn't seem to know ANY of the guidelines
  • Alert.png Editor:siren313 - A.k.a. Apraxia and overly possessive of (t)his artist name.

Edits for follow-up


Useful MusicBrainz Wiki Pages

Useful Reference Pages

How to make work on Windows:

  1. First install python. Specifically, you want version 2.4.4 not version 2.5.
  2. Now snag the script from luks' page here in the wiki.
  3. Now snag a copy of OldPicard (0.7.2) and install it.
  4. Move to an empty directory.
  5. Move every file in the Picard 0.7.2 directory except picard.exe (which you can delete) and (which you will need) into the directory.
  6. Unzip into the directory - make sure you keep the directory structure from the zip file. (You can then delete
  7. Open a command prompt. Run "chcp" and note which active code page it tells you you are using.
  8. Open in a text editor.
  9. In, change the line "server = ''" to read "server = ''".
  10. In, change the username and password lines to your MusicBrainz username and password.
  11. In, change the line "encoding = 'utf-8'" to read "#encoding = 'utf-8'".
  12. In, change the line "encoding = 'windows-1250'" to "encoding = 'cpxxx'", where xxx is your active code page. (So if your code page is 437, you would use cp437.)
  13. Save your modified
  14. Now, from a command prompt, change directory to your directory. Run " c:\foo" where "c:\foo" is your music directory.
  15. Get coffee and wait many many hours for to finish.

Dev Stuff


True back-of-the-napkin planning! :D

Template:lang en-native Template:lang fr-some

Non-AR pages to clean through

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MusicBrainzTerminology MusicBrainz TerminologyMusicBrainz WikiMusicBrainz Wiki License MusicBrainzWiki MusicBrainzWikiLicense MusicBrainzXMLMetaData MusicBrainz XML Meta Data MusicCollection MusicCollectionDataModel MusicCollectionIntroduction Music Collection IntroductionMusic Collection Modifications MusicCollectionModifications Music CollectionMusic Collection Data Model MusicCollectionTool Music Collection Tool MusicCollectionTools Music Collection ToolsMusic Hack Day MusicDNSMusicIP Music Hackday Boston Music Hack Day Landing Page MusicIPMixer MusicIP MixerMusicMagic MusicMagicMixer MusicMagic Mixer MusicMoz MusicReviewDiscussion Muz MySpace NabbleForum Nabble Forum NadelnderBambus Nadelnder Bambus NAT navap nechto13 NeedsEditing Needs Editing NeedsIntertwingling Needs IntertwinglingNeeds RenamingNeeds Restructuring NeedsRenaming NeedsRestructuring NeedsUpdating Needs Updating Neil NeilCafferkey NeoKilly NewFeatureSuggestions New Feature SuggestionsNew Voting Proposal 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Abbreviation Conventions Nyght ObedFernandez ObiStrip Obi Strip ObjectModel Object Model ObjectModel/AhhcoExample Object Model/Ahhco ExampleObject Model/Album GroupObject Model/Angeldust Example ObjectModel/AlbumGroup ObjectModel/AngeldustExample ObjectModel/ArtistThoughts Object Model/Artist ThoughtsObject Model/Cassetteboy ExampleObject Model/Chants Magnetiques Example ObjectModel/CassetteboyExample ObjectModel/ChantsMagnetiquesExample ObjectModel/CompositionObject Object Model/Composition ObjectObject Model/Depeche Mode Remixes ExampleObject Model/Don Sebsky Example ObjectModel/DepecheModeRemixesExample ObjectModelDiscussion ObjectModel/DonSebskyExample ObjectModel/ElectricLightOrchestraExample Object Model/Electric Light Orchestra ExampleObject Model/Fela ITT ExampleObject Model/Giant Xmas Example ObjectModel/FelaITTExample ObjectModel/GiantXmasExample ObjectModel/GylleneTiderExample Object Model/Gyllene Tider ExampleObject Model/Jesus Christ Superstar ExampleObject Model/Master 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