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2006/09/25 => 2006/?/?

Off for a few weeks/months. You can still join me by mail.

Update: I'm off community stuff (irc/ml), and not working much on my usual pet projects. Still, I can't resist killing a night or two editing random stuff :D

Who are you?

A moderator known either as "dmppanda" or "Mangled". You may find me on IRC or drop me a mail.

I'm supposed to operate mostly in the jazz sections of the database. Most of my usurpated glory comes from the fact most people thought my understanding and feeling of the genre was indeed encyclopedic knowledge of it :p

I was formerly known as The Creature of Dr teleSTEIN, and/or as The Crazy Annotations Master - a somewhat overrated title I owned by... annotating...

I'm a native french speaker, willing to help these who desperately need to fix french titles but can't (as long as they don't plan to call on Artist Intent). Note that if they do plan to, they don't need any expertise, they can mess the titles all by themselves ;) .

These days, much of my free time is consumed by the Jazz Labels project.

What is on this page?

Just my personnal memos and todo list, plus my bookmarks.

Just my personnal memos and todo list

  • Urgent tasks:
    • get rid of the VA mess on jazz:
      • seek and document a maximum of these compilations
      • seek, retrieve, complete and harmonize all these collections with horribly hard to dig titles, like The Jazz Masters (mostly done)
      • squeeze down every possibility to obtain data, including pinging original add-moderators
      • destroy / fix what doesn't exist / is improperly entered
  • Artists on the tidying radar:
    • Don Pullen
    • Django Reinhardt
    • Charles Mingus
    • Eric Dolphy
    • Thelonious Monk
  • "Time-warped term" goals
    • get enough MB code-juice in my brainz to begin contributing front-end patchs
    • help rewrite/complete the AMZ documentation, given AMZ made me suffer a lot and I feel the documentation is a mess and there is mostly no consensus at all and a huge lack of information on how AMZ handles data
    • help rewrite the welcome documentation, given I opened that can of worms, and said it was inadequate
    • boiling in your mail box right now: re-open the can of worms: capitalization style for abreviated words like 'Round
    • open a huge can of worms: getting rid of bogus jazz artists, which involves getting people drop the inaccurate belief that the "release cover says all"
    • push hard in order to have track annotations, label/cat entries, label annotations (catnapping if necessary :p)
    • mercilessly control the input flow in the jazz genre
    • form the MB Jazz Strike Force with other jazz moderators, an informal group of moderators sharing/debating opinions (eg: on topics like track title variant chosen for harmonization), and coordinating tidying efforts, ensuring both that Jazz doesn't derive from MB style, and still doesn't loose its specificity - right now, the strike-force/thingie/stuff resumes to Yllona and myself communicating by throwing at each other rare jazz track titles, mood-driven and freely-word-associated, which is actually very fun
      • a few months later, the JSF is still nothing more, though I put some energy into the Jazz section to flesh it out
    • continue to help teleGUISE in his release documentation crusade, and try to put it to another level by using label catalogs for cross-consistency checks and labels completeness

Bookmarks: some (auto)-moderators

Moderators I've been/I'm working with regularly:

  • Marcel "Bad_Seed", who always answer yes for my spanish/portuguese laundry
  • mbase1235 a.k.a. Steve Coleman, on the project to fix his own discography
  • Joan Whittaker, co-authoring mailings and bug reports, rampaging through jazz titles, co-fixing horked releases... Not to mention she regularly vote on my edits and stuff my subscriptions with countless edits ;)
  • keschte, with whom I usually correspond on technical topics (like "what is the sex of javascript?" or "do DOM elements have brainz?")

Moderators I'm sometimes voting on their edits:

Moderators who never answer:

Moderators who don't like styleguides:

Moderators I'm sometimes watching for some other reason:

Bookmarks: Things I should watch on a regular basis and I don't

Funniest typos

Track typos that made me laugh:

  • L'idole des jaunes
  • Would You Lie to Take a Walk?

Stuff that need to be addressed / answered

  • AR for "wrote the liner notes" (Quinn)
  • instruments "tap dancing" (Who used to dance) and "pocket trumpet" (Don Cherry)
  • ticket 2090
  • need to be able to return more than 100 results on search
  • GuessCase strange behavior on "Sittin' and Rockin'"
  • GuessCase french mode somewhat horked

Ideas for reports / scripts / crazy development

  • Have a report of all (supposed) homebrew discid
  • release date: mom' lil' helper (ongoing)
  • A XUL interface to the web service and/or the web site

Holy crap!!!!

Extremely politically incorrect thoughts

Disclaimer: whoever you are, don't you ever mention me as a reference if you think the same. These thoughts are the shame of the community, counter-productive, dangerous, and I'll deny I ever thought them if somebody asks me.

That being said...

  • "Preserving (album version) into titles just sucks"
  • "Using sentence mode for french capitalization is the laziest and most stupid move done by the french editors in MB *ever*. Nice going guys."

Spoken languages

(like Shepard, but worse: it's (a bit) more than "some" but it's (very) far from fluent ;) , which obviously is my favorite excuse to ignore things when I don't want to hear them) Template:lang fr-native Template:lang en-some