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Tarragon M. Allen

I edit as tma, and I am a MusicBrainz AutoEditor. I was the MusicBrainz StyleDude for about a year up to May 18th, 2005, and have since been replaced by the StyleCouncil. I work as a Systems Administrator for a small ISP which is based in in the state of Victoria in Australia. See my Official MusicBrainz biography entry for more details.

Todo List

  • Clarify usage of various artists in the style guide per comments from Russell Garrett on IRC:

2004-05-25 19:29 <Russss> I think the style guidelines should say something like "even if there's only one track by another artist on the album (for example soundtrack albums), it still should be VA"

  • clarify colon seperating sub-titles guideline per discussion on this mailing list thread, starting here: and culminating here:
  • review track aliasing proposal ("[untitled] [aka: unofficial title]")
  • get the Internationalisation (i18n) mailing list going, make some basic guidelines (already partly done in CapitalizationStandard).
  • fix the following problems in the Guess Case script (some of these may already be fixed):
    • Try and determine acronyms and don't split them (ie: "Q.E.D." currently gets changed to "Q. E. D.")
    • FIXED IN CVS: In multiple-CD releases with names, 'disc' is not capitalised correctly, ie: 'Album Name (Disc 1: Disc Name)' instead of 'Album Name (disc 1: Disc Name)'. (Daniel Bumke,
    • Detect numbers split with commas or similar and space appropriately, ie: "1,000,000" not "1, 000, 000". (HairMetalAddict) - This has been done, however the reversal for it doesn't work, ie: does not turn "1, 000, 000" into "1,000,000".
    • FIXED IN CVS: Don't uppercase "reprise" if inside parenthesis.
    • This script does some strange things to capitalision of words in a second set of parenthesis, ie: "Title (some stuff) (more stuff)"
  • review use of disc numbers for multi-part titles.
  • build a new front end for album additions that incorporates the year and country release information.
  • construct guidelines for entering artists with non-unique names.
  • review guidelines dealing with collaborating artists.
  • construst guidelines for the use of "and" and "&", and common abbreviations such as "Vol." for "Volume". General rule at this time is to always use the full word as this is non-ambigious and avoids clashes.
  • construct guidelines for dealing with clashing album names, such as the "Peter Gabriel" self-titled releases, so as to avoid improper album merging.
  • review the use of artist aliases, questioning why artist aliases are considered unique?
  • review style guideline proposal: "Where a song title includes '(album version)' or similar, indicating it is the same as the official version of the song (i.e. not a remix or edit), the 'album version' designation is considered redundant information and should be left out of the title." (HairMetalAddict)
  • construct guidelines for the use of UTF-8 encodings for certain types of characters such as roman numerals which presently appear very ugly when mixed with normal text. (Alexander Dupuy,
  • review style guidelines for bootlegs, in particular decide how to title bootlegs that have no title and where the date and location of performance is unknown (general guideline is to title these releases '[unknown]').

Wiki pages

I will be maintaining a list of wiki pages here that I feel fall under my jurisdiction, with notes on what I see their present status and use is, and generally trying to fix up the BigMess.

Style Specific

  • ProposedStyleGuidelines - Status: this is a sandbox for new ideas and guidelines.
  • CapitalizationStandard - Status: has been accepted as the current guidelines and is pretty much in its final form. Replaces CapitalizationProposal.
  • GeneralStyleGuidelines - Status: mostly redundant (already made part of the official guidelines), some extra comments and clarification needs to be implemented or discussed, also clarity on the use of the ClassicalStyleGuide with respect to soundtracks and scores. More examples needed, good and bad, although I plan to move these off the Wiki and on to the official guidelines page.
  • ClassicalStyleGuide - Status: basically complete, some notes that these rules can and should apply on a track by track basis on albums required, in particular in the cases of movie soundtracks that are mixed classical score and pop music.
  • AdditionalMetadata - Status: pending review
  • OddReleaseDiscussion - Status: pending review
  • InterNationalization - Status: still need to finalise the mailing list.
  • UnresolvedStyleIssues - Status: pending review

Artist Specific


  • NewFeatureSuggestions - Status: needs a lot of cleaning up, move a lot of this to sourceforge if they aren't there already. probably some of the FAQ pages...
  • AdvancedRelationshipType - defining a list of link types for Advanced Relationship