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About Japanese Wave Dash

〜 (Wave Dash, U+301C), ~ (Fullwidth Tilde, U+FF5E)

The Shift JIS code for the wave dash, 0x8160, which should be mapped to U+301C, is instead mapped to U+FF5E.

The original reference glyph for U+301C was reflected, incorrectly, when Unicode imported the JIS wave dash. The current Unicode reference glyph for U+301C has been corrected to match the JIS standard in response to a 2014 proposal. But support for the correct form of the wave dash is not universal.[1]

The JIS / Shift JIS wave dash is still formally mapped to U+301C as of JIS X 0213, whereas the WHATWG Encoding Standard used by HTML5 maps 0x8160 to U+FF5E.[2]

The wave dash will be correctly displayed in a Japanese context, like <span lang="ja">〜</span> . (


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