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For SplitReleases, SplitReleaseTitleStyle is applied.

What about adding the case where a song has a slash in its name, like Bob Dylan's Love Minus Zero/No Limit? In this case, there should be no spaces around the slash. --Zout

Inappropriate use of spaces on either side of a slash: The “slash” character (also known as solidus or the virgule does NOT take spaces on either side when used in the English language. Its very purpose is to separate words or phrases, hence, there is no need for spaces on either side.

Everyone should be familiar with the slash as in “and/or,” “11/12/06,” “Yes/No,” or even in “3/4.” A “2-fer” CD with two albums should then properly be entered as “first title name/second title name.” Proper English usage dictates that there is NO need for excessive spaces around Mr. Slash! -- JazzAggie

Correcting my own suggestion: what about always putting spaces around the slash? Is easier to verify and looks better... --Zout

I prefer the space slash space for multiple titles and the simple slash for slashes in titles. --DonRedman

So, if two songs with different artists share one track, should you put a slash between the artist names? this means that you enter a new artist, and that's not preferred. But sometimes you can't say what the most important artist is and you'll have to choose, or put a slash between the artists. examples at TracksWithMultipleArtists

Some tagging programs get confused with " / ". ie. I use foobar2000 to play my CD (演唱會(一九八二年一月九、十、十一日)現場錄音珍藏版) and I get the titles through the FreeDBGateway. I don't know what part of this chain makes it but here is the problem:

I like the " / " separator and I don't want it to change at all. I'm just saying this because maybe the problem is in the Gateway or something else that can be improved … ? -- jesus2099 15:44, 30 May 2008 (UTC)

Please note that there is also a discussion ongoing about this on ClassicalStyleGuideDiscussion -- ClutchEr2