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* rewrite all [[Jazz]]  
* rewrite all [[Jazz]]  
* instruments "tap dancing" (Who used to dance) and "pocket trumpet" (Don Cherry)  
* instruments "tap dancing" (Who used to dance) and "pocket trumpet" (Don Cherry)  
* Rocksichord for Call Cobbs
* [[Ticket:2090|2090]]: title length limit too small  
* [[Ticket:2090|2090]]: title length limit too small  
* [[Guess Case|GuessCase]] strange behavior on "Sittin' and Rockin'"  
* [[Guess Case|GuessCase]] strange behavior on "Sittin' and Rockin'"  

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Who am I?

I'm a Brainzer mainly known as dmppanda (though I sometime use random other nicks: Mangled, workingMoose, chocoMoose...). My emails are usually just signed Olivier.

During the ol' days, I was formerly known as The Creature of Dr teleSTEIN, and as The Crazy Annotations Master.

What am I doing in MB?

As an editor:

  • I'm working mostly in the jazz part of the database, though I make intrusions into other territories, from hip-hop to classical, to anything sounding experimental, head-shakin' or body movin'
  • To some extent, I'm also involved in the effort to enhance the French data. The tracking page for that effort is the infamous FrogsTidyingMarathon.
  • I am subscribed to quite a lot of artists on which I usually review every change. Though I'm not the "biggest" subscriber here (I think at least mudcrow and drsaunde have more), I may be the bitchiest :)
  • I have a soft-spot for intensive discographic researches and release data documentation. From time to time, I'm also chasing bogus DiscIDs.
  • Along with Joan Whittaker, we made some harmonization work on jazz composition titles, archived in Jazz/Compositions.
  • An auto-editor for two years, I have now contributed my small share (almost exactly 1% of the total number of edits made to the database)
  • Lately, I have been working mainly on various labels vaults.

As a WikiZen:

  • I'am the author of various tomfooleries, from the Completist to the aforementioned FrogsTidyingMarathon... and lately, the Ranting Sandbox
  • ... and started learning to handle MoinMoin while setting-up the Jazz section...
  • ... wrote the Label documentation (most of which can be seen in a flat display by looking at the), and rewrote a number of other documentation pages, for the DocumentationRelease project...
  • ... for which I maintain a number of WikiDocs (as a TransclusionEditor - and obviously, a member of the AdminGroup)
  • With murdos, my partner-in-crime WikiWarden, we "took over" the Wiki ealier in 2007, in the hope to make a difference enhancing its overall quality, and make some steps in moving it forward. Some of the efforts related to this noble task are documented under the WikiWardening page
  • I also started maintaining bug tracking pages organized by topics (LabelFuture, AnnotationFuture, ...), though I'm falling behind

As a community chit-chatter:

  • I usually participate in the MailingLists discussions: mainly the style list, discussions about Labels and French stuff, and other random topics I feel inclined to participate in
  • Depending on the period of the year, I wander on the IRC channel, be it for moosing mo or trying to help newbies
  • Once in a while, I check the MusicBrainzForums, though I can't say I'm fond of forums

Random other stuff I introduced:

What does that means for you?

Be careful:

  • Edit my artists with extra-care, or face my wrath :-)

Contact me [1] if you need:

  • help on documenting, researching, or editing (jazz) material
  • help on fixing French spelling or capitalization [2]
  • help on some other topic... don't expect miracles, though :-)

... or if you:

[1] be aware that I sometime disappear from MusicBrainz due to the obligation to earn my living :-) . In such cases, I still answer private mails, though I'm less active.

[2] as long as you don't plan to call on ArtistIntent. Note that somebody calling on ArtistIntent does not actually need any kind of expertise - they can mess the titles all by themselves.

Editing suggestions

  • If you're a jazz geek, you may want to take a look at either the Jazz/Compositions or Jazz/Collections pages
  • If you have enough French in your bag and want to mess with it, try the FrogsTidyingMarathon
  • If you have a taste for tortuous and painful discographic researchs, help me enhance one of these:
    • Django Reinhardt
    • Thelonious Monk
    • Eric Dolphy
    • Charlie Parker
    • Billie Holiday
    • Ella Fitzgerald
    • Duke Ellington
    • Erik Satie
    • Ornette Coleman
    • Charles Mingus

Young blood that matters

Watch them. They are doing good. With your advices and votes, they can learn further and do very good.

  • jahrynx (Editor:jahrynx) open stack: yet another French editor (come over, French community!), I noticed him only recently (courtesy drsaunde). Somewhat an old-timer, jahrynx has been working in an almost deserted section of the database (reggae/dub/thingies), and struggled with editing loneliness. Hopefully, he'll now suffer additional bitchin' reviews and unlimited support from fellow editors murdos and AnAlach (plus of course drsaunde and myself).
  • Editor:lenashou open edits: yet another frog. Same as Liff, just came out from the batcave, smashing a lot of ARs and release events right away. Watch him as well!

Not so young blood (are now autoeditors)

  • AnAlach (Editor:AnAlach) open list: working mostly on French stuff. Has been under murdos continuous and merciless surveillance for quite some time (which means "accuracy", "research intensive", "behaving well").
  • Jugdish (Editor:Jugdish) open list: Methodical, efficient. I'm impressed. Keep it on!
  • Editor:Liff open edits: came out of nowhere, right into classical and jazz with a gross ~500 accurate edits per week. Watch him!

Ol' mates

Catching up some n00bs

  • Editor:SaiyanRiku french n00b
  • Editor:Kaptain+Chaos n00b messing with Charlier Parker
  • Editor:grenzelm jazz n00b with a big number of "Midnite" netherland budget collection and other rare/dirty stuff

Other bookmarked editors

  • Editor:mbase1235 a.k.a. Steve Coleman, on the project to fix his own discography
  • tetedechou (Editor:tetedechou): an editor doing a lot of interesting adds to the jazz section
  • Yurim (Editor:Yurim) open list: doing some really good work


Label sorting TODO

To watch / tidy

Funniest typos

I like typos. Some of them I think were (very) funny:

  • L'idole des jaunes
  • Would You Lie to Take a Walk?
  • Take Lobe Easy
  • Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Bear
  • I Cover the Waterfont
  • There Is No Greater Lover
  • Being the Beguine
  • Taking a Change on Love
  • If You Ever Could Leave
  • If That's What You're Thinking, You're Wong
  • Gulf Coats Blues
  • And the Angles Sing

Extremely politically incorrect thoughts

Disclaimer: whoever you are, don't you ever mention me as a reference if you think the same. These thoughts are the shame of the community, counter-productive, dangerous, and I'll deny I ever thought them if somebody asks me.

That being said...

  • "Preserving (album version) into titles just sucks"
  • "Using sentence mode for french capitalization is the laziest and most stupid move done by the french editors in MB *ever*. Nice going guys."
  • "Go to hell composer style!" (Shepard in a great moment of inspiration)
  • Reading any of these instantly give me stomach-ache:

They Love Me, and They Let Other People Know About It

Being just like everybody else, I sometimes make judgment errors, do the wrong thing, or get caught into trolls. Other people being just like everybody else, they sometimes get caught into exuberant reactions to that, from (semi)-public slandering to private mail insults.

This section is a selection of these "reactions", meant as a kind of "I regret having been caught into that, and apologize to the victims (if any)" on my side, and as a "If you plan on trashing me, be original - try to actually solve the issue with me first" for others :-)

Here it comes:

  • "You're an asshole"
    • private one, for me deleting a wiki page I obviously shouldn't have deleted - if the importance of that page is to be measured against the virulence of the reaction
  • "wow dmppanda is a tool. [he] is a narrow minded and always has it out for me"
    • public one, for the same reason as above
  • "Can dmppanda please be reminded of the CodeOfConduct [...] I don't appreciate being called a moron voter due to a disagreement, and this is disgusting behaviour by an AutoEditor. I believe this isn't the first time that panda has abused others in edits, and I don't appreciate being treated as a pesky nuisance impeding a more experienced AutoEditor in his "work""
    • that one was a formal complaint, for some trivial editing disagreement
  • "Around the same time, I remember dmppanda lambasting editors dealing with classical: "Why don't you people ever do some proper research, you never do things properly!". (I am not sure he remembers saying that :p )"
    • that one was quite friendly actually, and was just meant at poking me for having, in the past, lost patience with loosy/newbie classical editors - it serves as a good reminder for me to actually try polish my English when I bash editors, so they actually feel something else than the beating :-)

Spoken languages


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