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Who am I?

I'm a Brainzer mainly known as dmppanda (though I sometime use random other nicks: Mangled, workingMoose, chocoMoose...). My emails are usually just signed Olivier.

During the ol' days, I was formerly known as The Creature of Dr teleSTEIN, and as The Crazy Annotations Master.

What am I doing in MB?

As an editor:

  • I'm working mostly in the jazz part of the database, though I sometime make intrusions into other territories, from hip-hop to classical, to anything sounding experimental, head-shakin' or body movin'
  • To some extent, I'm also involved in the effort to enhance the French data. The tracking page for that effort is the infamous FrogsTidyingMarathon.
  • I have around 1800 subscribed artists on which I usually review every change. Though I'm not the "biggest" subscriber here (I think at least mudcrow and drsaunde have more), I may be the bitchiest.
  • I have a soft-spot for intensive discographic research and release data documentation. From time to time, I'm also chasing bogus DiscIDs.
  • Along with Joan Whittaker, we made some massive harmonization on jazz titles, archived in Jazz/Compositions.
  • I'm an auto-editor since 2006/05, and have now contributed around 35.000 edits
  • Lately, I have been working mainly on the Fantasy/Concord vaults.

As a WikiZen:

  • I'am the author of various tomfooleries, from the Completist to the aforementioned FrogsTidyingMarathon...
  • ... and started learning to handle MoinMoin while setting-up the Jazz section...
  • ... wrote the Label documentation (most of which can be seen in a flat display by looking at the), and rewrote the "" docs
  • I now am a TransclusionEditor maintaining a number of WikiDocs, and a member of the AdminGroup
  • With murdos, my partner-in-crime WikiWarden, we recently "took over" the Wiki in the hope to make a difference enhancing its overall quality, and make some big strides in moving it forward. Some of the efforts related to this noble task are documented under the WikiWardening page
  • I also started maintaining bug tracking pages organized by topics (LabelFuture, AnnotationFuture, ...)

As a community chit-chatter:

  • I usually participate in the MailingLists discussions: mainly the style list, discussions about Labels and french stuff, and other random topics I feel inclined to participate in
  • Depending on the period of the year, I wander on the IRC channel, be it for moosing mo or trying to help newbies
  • Once in a while, I check the MusicBrainzForums, though I can't say I'm fond of forums

Random other stuff I introduced:

What does that means for you?

Be careful:

  • Edit my artists with extra-care, or face my wrath :-)

Contact me [1] if you need:

  • help on documenting, researching, or editing (jazz) material
  • help on fixing French spelling or capitalization [2]
  • help on some other topic... don't expect miracles, though :-)

... or if you:

[1] be aware that I sometime disappear from MusicBrainz due to the obligation to earn my living :-) . In such cases, I still answer private mails, though I'm less active.

[2] as long as you don't plan to call on ArtistIntent. Note that somebody calling on ArtistIntent does not actually need any kind of expertise - they can mess the titles all by themselves.

Editing suggestions

  • If you're a jazz geek, you may want to take a look at either the Jazz/Compositions or Jazz/Collections pages
  • If you have enough French in your bag and want to mess with it, try the FrogsTidyingMarathon
  • If you have a taste for tortuous and painful discographic researchs, help me fix one of these:
    • Django Reinhardt
    • Thelonious Monk
    • Eric Dolphy
    • Charlie Parker
    • Billie Holiday
    • Ella Fitzgerald
    • Duke Ellington
    • Erik Satie
    • Ornette Coleman
    • Charles Mingus

Young blood that matters

Watch them. They are doing good. With your advices and votes, they can learn further and do very good.

  • AnAlach (Editor:AnAlach) open list: working mostly on French stuff. Has been under murdos continuous and merciless surveillance for quite some time (which means "accuracy", "research intensive", "behaving well").
  • Jugdish (Editor:Jugdish) open list: Methodical, efficient. I'm impressed. Keep it on!
  • jahrynx (Editor:jahrynx) open stack: yet another French editor (come over, French community!), I noticed him only recently (courtesy drsaunde). Somewhat an old-timer, jahrynx has been working in an almost deserted section of the database (reggae/dub/thingies), and struggled with editing loneliness. Hopefully, he'll now suffer additional bitchin' reviews and unlimited support from fellow editors murdos and AnAlach (plus of course drsaunde and myself).
  • Editor:Liff open edits: came out of nowhere, right into classical and jazz with a gross ~500 accurate edits per week. Watch him!
  • Editor:lenashou open edits: probably yet another frog. Same as Liff, literally came out from the batcave fully formed, smashing a lot of ARs and accurate release events right away. Watch him as well!

Ol' mates

Catching up some n00bs

  • Editor:SaiyanRiku french n00b
  • Editor:Kaptain+Chaos n00b messing with Charlier Parker
  • Editor:grenzelm jazz n00b with a big number of "Midnite" netherland budget collection and other rare/dirty stuff

Other bookmarked editors

  • Editor:mbase1235 a.k.a. Steve Coleman, on the project to fix his own discography
  • tetedechou (Editor:tetedechou): an editor doing a lot of interesting adds to the jazz section
  • Yurim (Editor:Yurim) open list: doing some really good work


Things I should watch on a regular basis and I don't

Funniest typos

I like typos. Some of them I think were (very) funny:

  • L'idole des jaunes
  • Would You Lie to Take a Walk?
  • Take Lobe Easy
  • Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Bear
  • I Cover the Waterfont
  • There Is No Greater Lover
  • Being the Beguine

Extremely politically incorrect thoughts

Disclaimer: whoever you are, don't you ever mention me as a reference if you think the same. These thoughts are the shame of the community, counter-productive, dangerous, and I'll deny I ever thought them if somebody asks me.

That being said...

  • "Preserving (album version) into titles just sucks"
  • "Using sentence mode for french capitalization is the laziest and most stupid move done by the french editors in MB *ever*. Nice going guys."
  • "Go to hell composer style!" (Shepard in a great moment of inspiration)
  • Reading any of these instantly give me stomach-ache:

Spoken languages


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