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Nadelnder Bambus is the code name for the next generation database schema of MusicBrainz

  • I might be in no position to make the rules here (that being a job better suited to someone who actually does the work, i.e. not me), but can I suggest not calling this, or in fact any proposition ever, "MusicBrainz 2.0" (or more generally /^MusicBrainz \d+(\.\d+)*$/)? Just pick a project name or codename (and I might be tempted to suggest that an English name might be more appropriate, MB being mostly conducted, presented and documented in that language), and use that name. Once you've got a finished product (i.e. an implementation), then feel free to give your product a version number. - DaveEvans

It was devised on the MusicBrainzSummit7 and is (unfortunately) largely undocumented. See the BackLinks to this page for some docs. The most concise part is still the ObjectModel. There might be some stuff on the MailingLists, too.

If you have questions regarding Nadelnder Bambus, please nag the people who know about it to document it! These are RobertKaye, Keschte, Fuchs, Shepard, DonRedman and Masi. Nagging these people really works. :-) For example it led to NextGenerationSchema/UsageCase being written.

What does Nadelnder Bambus Mean?

Nadeldern Bambus is German and means "Bamboo shedding its pins". Well, a bamboo is no pine tree and cannot shed pins, but this is what is stands for: Currently MusicBrainz has one tree with 1:n relations:

  • artist 1--n album 1--n track

If you have the artist at the top, this looks a bit like a christmas tree. That's the pine tree.

Nadenlder Bambus will expand each of these three entities into much more. E.g a track will be split into a composition, a performance, a mix, a master, and a track-on-an-album. To map the existing data to the new data, each old track entity, will be converted into a 'bamboo' that spans from composition to track-on-an-album. When this data gets used, tracks that are based on the same composition or mix will gradually be merged on the respective level, and the bamboo will become a pine tree again.

Nadelnder Bambus has three such bamboos, which are labelled the VerticalBamboo (album), the HorizontalBamboo (track) and the DiagonalBamboo (artist). These names come from the arrangement on the original graph describing the model.

Additionally each bamboo can have pins. These are currently only planned for the album-bamboo. pins are small 1:n objects that go off from each entity of the bamboo and represent its different international titles, writings etc. The only documentation of this feature is a print on thermo paper that Shepard has taken home and which has probably faded by now :-( .

  • No, I only have copies or papers which were scanned. :) --Shepard
    • Do you have the one that has the needles? I don't have it and I do not know who has it. I hope it did not get lost. --DonRedman
    Is this what you're looking for: NadelnderBambusImage.jpg --Masi