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Status: This whitelist is for a relationship type which is deprecated and no longer applies. Please see How to Add Cover Art for other ways to add cover art.
Status: This is an official style guideline.

This is the whitelist for Has Cover Art At Relationship Type.

Official Relationship Type Whitelist

Attention.png Has Cover Art At Relationship Type is subject to special rules regarding what sites may and may not be linked.

Only those sites which have been whitelisted may be linked to. A link to any site not on the whitelist is not permitted.

  • Any edit to add a link to a site not on the whitelist should be voted down.
  • Any such link which has somehow already been added should be removed.

The process for adding a site to the whitelist for this relationship type can be found on the proposals page. Do not edit this page to add a new site to the whitelist without following the official process for whitelisting a site.

The place where you should show permission has been given is here.

Affiliate Sites

For Amazon, use the Amazon Relationship Type, not Has Cover Art At Relationship Type!

Allowed Sites

Site Example release Cover URL Permission
CD Baby Example Cover Granted
Internet Archive Example Cover Granted
Jamendo Example Cover Granted
Magnatune Example Cover Granted
Manj'Disc (French site focused on animated cartoons & series) Example Cover Granted
Thåström (Joakim Thåström site) Example Cover Granted
Universal Poplab (Universal Poplab site) Example Cover Granted

Using the Internet Archive (archive.org)

As of December 8th, 2009, linking to absolutely any image on the Internet Archive is allowed. This includes any image hosted at the Internet Archive and those that have been archived using the Wayback Machine. However, if MusicBrainz receives a request to remove a link to an image from a copyright owner, MusicBrainz will comply.

If you believe that MusicBrainz violates your copyright by linking to an image at the Wayback Machine, notify MusicBrainz, the issue will be addressed as quickly possible.

The following sites have granted permission to link to their cover art via archive.org:

Site Example release Cover URL Permission
Apparement.fr (Georges Brassens discography) Example Cover Granted
cake.ography (CAKE discography) Example Cover Granted
Ekleipsi Example Cover Granted
Encyclopaedia Metallum (The Metal Archives) Example Cover Granted
Lokpest (LOK discography) Example Cover Granted
Modern Sky (摩登天空) (MB entry) Example Cover Granted
Painful Convictions (Nine Inch Nails fan site) Example Cover Granted

Unsupported Sites With Permission

The following sites have granted permission to link to their cover art, but are not yet supported in the server. It is OK to link to some of these, but direct server support for displaying linked images is not guaranteed to be added.

Site Example release Cover URL Permission
Alpinechic Example Cover Granted
angelika-express.de Example Cover Granted
FiXT Example Cover Granted
Phantasma13.com Example Cover Granted
Primordial Music Example Cover Granted
Transistor Sounds Example Cover Granted
X-Line Example Cover Granted
Zorch Factory Records Example Cover Granted
Specific permissions for individual releases is tracked on the release permission page.

Unallowed Sites

  • Every other site

References and Notes

Links to art on an artist's own website may be linked to, but only if written permission to do so is requested and received from the artist or their representative. In such a case, that written permission must be published here in the wiki.

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