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Status: This is an official style guideline.


For concerts, the title format should be "[Headlining act] at [Venue]." For a co-headlining concert (i.e. 2 or more artists share the top spot), the format should be "[Headliner 1] and [Headliner 2] at [Venue]." The only exceptions to this are if the concert has a special name, e.g. "Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding 2010," or if the concert is part of the entertainment at a non-music event, e.g. "KISS at Illinois State Fair."

The venue name should be whatever the venue was named at the time the concert took place. Example: KISS at Palacio de los Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid. The venue has since changed its name to Barclaycard Center, but it was called Palacio de los Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid at the time the concert took place, so the name is retained on the Event. **it might make more sense to do this just with relationship credits**

If the venue is listed as a large complex containing multiple venues, use the name that is listed on the bill but link to the precise location of the event. Example: Bon Jovi at BJCC. Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC) is a complex encompassing more than one venue; Legacy Arena, one of the buildings on the complex, is linked to the concert as it is where the concert was held.


When available, use the official, advertised start time for the event as a whole (commonly "door time"). The start times for specific performers (including the first performer) should be listed as part of the performer relationships, like main performer.

Title Style
Special Cases/Misc.

Festivals should be split up by day, and each day should be divided up by stage/venue. The main festival Event, as well as individual days, should be linked to the master location for the festival, with all festival stages linked to the master location. Example: Summerfest 2015 and Summerfest 2015, Day 1 were held at Henry W. Maier Festival Park, while Summerfest 2015, Day 1: Miller Lite Oasis was held at Miller Lite Oasis. The proper name format is "XYZ Festival", "XYZ Festival, Day 1" and "XYZ Festival, Day 1: ABC Stage." Artist appearances should be added on the stage level, with their set times listed in the "time" box. If a guest appears during an artist's set, that guest should share the same set time as the main artist. If stage information is not available or if there was only one stage at a particular festival, add all artist appearances on the day level. For fairs or other multi-day non-music-centered events with concerts as entertainment, add each performance as a concert and link it to a master Event. These events do not have to be split up by day if there is only one performance per stage/venue per day. Example: KISS at Illinois State Fair is linked to Illinois State Fair 2016. For all types of Events, setlists should be added in descending sequential order, starting with the artist who performed first. Guest appearances should be listed in the setlist at the moment they appeared during the show.