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Status: This page describes an active style guideline proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-track title
Champion: tommycrock
Current status: pre-RFC

Enter the most complete and correct version of the track title, as it appears on the release, formatting it according to the style for titles. Typically, track titles are listed on the back of a release. If a more complete version of the title is available within the material associated with the release, such as a booklet or liner, use this version or, if necessary, produce a composite version.

Application of style principles and title guidance

As usual, the style principles of error correction and artist intent apply. For tracks, this should usually be limited to correction of unintentional spelling mistakes and tracks being listed in the wrong order. The general guidance for titles, applies specifically to tracks as follows:

  • Capitalisation should generally follow the language specific guidance.
  • Extra title information usually indicates a version of a track, for example a particular mix, or an acoustic version. Extra information that is not intended to distinguish between tracks (e.g. bonus track or traditional) should not be entered as extra title information. Note that the other tracks that the extra title information is intended to distinguish them from may not be on the same release, or even known, but this does not mean the information should be removed from the track title.
  • Featured artists should not be entered as extra title information; that is an old title style. However, where an artist is named in a mix or version title this should be included.
  • Use the multiple titles style when there are multiple songs or other parts named on one track, whether a compilation, DJ mix or medley.
  • For tracks, a subtitle is typically used when both a medley (or mix) and the songs it contains are named, i.e. Medley Name: Song 1 / Song 2.
  • Parts, volume and series numbers...

Untitled tracks and tracks where the title is not known

If no track title is available, follow the guidance for unknown and untitled tracks.

Specific cases

If the track is an OC ReMix track, follow the specific guidance.


Track with error correction (todo)

The four tracks on the Doin' Time single contain extra title information to differentiate between them:

  • Doin' Time (Bradley version)
  • Doin' Time (remixed by Wyclef Jean)
  • Doin' Time (remixed by Marshall Arts)
  • Doin' Time (album version)

Note that this last track has a different name than the track of the same recording that appears on the album. Also note that these titles are composed by combining the headline track title with the extra title information given for each track on the back.

Subtitles and multiple titles:

Part (todo)

[unknown] (todo)

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