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They also have a review process for copyright status.
They also have a review process for copyright status.
<!-- === Add new permission from site here === -->
<!-- === Add new permission from site here === -->

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Status: This is an official style guideline.

This is the whitelist for Has Score At Relationship Type.

Official Relationship Type Whitelist

Attention.png Has Score At Relationship Type is subject to special rules regarding what sites may and may not be linked.

Only those sites which have been whitelisted may be linked to. A link to any site not on the whitelist is not permitted.

  • Any edit to add a link to a site not on the whitelist should be voted down.
  • Any such link which has somehow already been added should be removed.

The process for adding a site to the whitelist for this relationship type can be found on the proposals page. Do not edit this page to add a new site to the whitelist without following the official process for whitelisting a site.

Allowed Sites

Unallowed Sites

  • Every other site

Sites Which Have Been Contacted


Sites In RFC


Archived Permission from Sites


A collection of legally available sheet music. Its FAQ says:

As the IMSLP servers are physically hosted in Canada, IMSLP has to follow the Canadian Copyright Law. All scores submitted to IMSLP either belong to the public domain, or permission has been granted by the holder of the copyrights so that the files can be submitted to IMSLP (as is the case of contemporary composers who wish to have their works submitted to IMSLP).
In other words, being legal is the point of IMSLP, and all of its content that is accessible is legally available in the U.S. and Canada. Anything not allowed in the EU is clearly marked as such. See public domain for further details.

They also have a review process for copyright status.

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