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The following are short biographies of the people responsible for creating, maintaining, and developing MusicBrainz, as well as certain members of the community worthy of honorable mention.

There are developers who write the software for the web site and client applications, system administrators who keep the servers running, style editors who edit the style guidelines, and last - but definitely not least - all the users who add to and improve the accuracy of the data itself, and it is their combined efforts that have helped make MusicBrainz into what it is today.

MusicBrainz Developers

rob 75.jpg IRC: ruaok | Wiki: RobertKaye | Home | Blog | Wishlist ]
Robert Kaye has made MusicBrainz his career and passion for the past 10 years. As the founder of MusicBrainz as well as the Executive Director of the MetaBrainz Foundation, Rob spends his time working tirelessly on improving the digital audio experience. Read more...

luks 75.jpg IRC: luks | Wiki: LukasLalinsky | Last.fm: lukz ]
Lukáš is the current maintainer of Picard tagger. Since 2007 he has started some serious work on the server, libtunepimp and libmusicbrainz. Read more...

dave 75.jpg IRC: djce | Wiki: DaveEvans | Home ]
Dave is the primary maintainer of the MusicBrainz servers (stats) and makes sure that they run smoothly. Since Q4/2005, he stepped down from the position of the server main developer, but continues to make major contributions to the MusicBrainz service. Read more...

template 75.jpg IRC: murdos | Wiki: murdos | Last.fm: murdos ]
Aurélien is one of the developers working on MusicBrainz Server. Some of his contributions have been adding Subscriptions to editors and Ratings

matt 75.jpg IRC: yalaforge | Wiki: MatthiasFriedrich | Last.fm: yalaforge ]
Matthias Friedrich has worked on several of the MusicBrainz subprojects. His latest contributions include the design of the new REST-based web service (which rendered his position as the local RDF and Semantic Web guru obsolete) as well as the official python client library, python-musicbrainz2. Read more...

template 75.jpg IRC: acid2 | Wiki: OliverCharles | Last.fm: acid2 ]
Oliver was first introduced to MusicBrainz development through the 2008 Google Summer of Code project. Taking on the ambitious work of rewrtiting MusicBrainz Server to use Catalyst and Template Toolkit, along with various other newer technologies, Oliver was hired by Rob in October to continue his work.

The MusicBrainz Community

MusicBrainz wouldn't be the same without its community of users and all their contributions; for a list of people who have contributed the most number of edits and votes take a look at the top editors list.

The following users have contributed significantly to MusicBrainz and are worthy of honorable mention, for a full list of contributors see here.

Honorable Mentions

keschte 75.jpg IRC: keschte | Wiki: Keschte | Last.fm: g0llum | Web ]
Stefan Kestenholz (Keschte, or g0llum before 05/2006), was one of the major contributors to the MusicBrainz Server, and found his way from improving the JavaScript parts of the server (He is the one responsible for the guess case script and the edit suite), to creating new features of the mb_server. Read more...

wolfsong 75.jpg IRC: wolfsong | Wiki: WolfSong | Last.fm: wolfsong ]
Cristov, besides being the first official WikiDocs transclusion editor, had a particular interest in Advanced Relationships issues; and was frequently found participating in extensive discussions on the mailing lists to form guidelines in these areas. Read more...

donredman 75.jpg IRC: donredman | Wiki: DonRedman | Last.fm: donredman | Home ]
Christoph, better known to brainzers as DonRedman, was MusicBrainz' resident expert on social issues and organizational development. He has contributed a lot of work to the MusicBrainz Wiki, and to the WikiDocs project. He was also the secretary of the Style Council. Read more...

dupuy 75.jpg IRC: dupuy | Wiki: Dupuy | Last.fm: - ]
Alex organized the MusicBrainz style council, responsible for editing the [[Style Guidelines|style guidelines used by editors when entering and updating the data in MusicBrainz. He also led an effort to correct the many foreign language entries that were misencoded. Read more...

template 75.jpg IRC: neil | Wiki: - | Last.fm: - ]
Neil was our first style dude, who was instrumental in setting up and evolving our style guidelines.

tma 75.jpg IRC: tma | Wiki: TarragonAllen | Last.fm: - ]
Tarragon was our second style dude, helping to develop and extend the official style guidelines, and worked with DonRedman to migrate the guidelines to the MusicBrainz Wiki. Read more...

template 75.jpg IRC: - | Wiki: JohnCarter | Last.fm: zeroGravitas ]
John was the person responsible for maintaining our MailingLists. John's first contribution towards MusicBrainz Development was the migration of the Wiki content to MoinMoin (which has now been further migrated to MediaWiki).