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| zaphod (alias for carl or lenny)
| zaphod (alias for carl or lenny)
| [[wikipedia:The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy|The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]]
| [[User:DaveEvans|djce]]
| [[User:DaveEvans|djce]]

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Server Name Taken From Chosen By
asterix Asterix navap [1]
bender Futurama djce
blik Catscratch keschte [2]
carl The Simpsons Muz [3]
cartman South Park ruaok
catbus My Neighbour Totoro Nikki
dexter Dexter's Laboratory CatCat [4]
gir Invader Zim ruaok our switch -- in honor of Zim, our first server
hefty The Smurfs djce
jem Jem and the Holograms BrianFreud [5]
keyop Battle of the Planets ijabz [6]
lenny The Simpsons Muz [7]
lingling Drawn Together Jean (ruaok's ex) [8]
misty Pokémon warp [9]
moose Muz
scooby Scooby-Doo ruaok
stimpy Ren and Stimpy Kevin Murphy [10]
tails Sonic the Hedgehog aCiD2 [11]
taz Looney Tunes Elliot Davis -
wiley Merrie Melodies ruaok [12]
zim Invader Zim ruaok
zaphod (alias for carl or lenny) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy djce