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Pretty soon in your editing you might find that the creator (in most cases the author) you want to relate a publication or work to is still not in BookBrainz. If that's the case, you should create him/her! For that, click on the "Create button in the top bar and select "Create Creator" (or click here):


This will take you to the "Aliases" section of the creation form, which looks like this:


  • The first field is for the name. This one is usually as straightforward as it sounds.
  • The second field is for the sort name. This one can get trickier, but for most legal names it will be "Surname, Name", and for most other names it will be the same as the creator name, but with any articles at the end. You can see the actual guidelines in Style/Artist/Sort Name (this is for MusicBrainz artists originally but can be adopted for BookBrainz).
  • The third field is for the language of the creator's name (not the real person's nationality!), that means if a creator has different aliases in different languages, you have to input the respective language to the according creator's name.

As said before, there may be different aliases for a certain creator. If you know some of them, put them in, otherwise just fill in the first row.

  • Select the creator's most common used alias as default, and according aliases (with only slight name variations like Joanne K. Rowling instead of J. K. Rowling) as primary aliases.


Next is the "Data" section:


Here you should enter as much information as you know:

  • In the "Begin Date" field you should enter the birthday of the creator, if he/she is a single person; if the creator is a group, you should enter the foundation date of this group.
  • If the creator has ended (a single person dies or the group is dissolved) tick the checkbox "Ended". An additional field will show up, where you have to input the end date. This will be as mentioned before, the death day of a single person or the dissolvement day of a group.
  • Next you have to choose the gender of the creator. If the creator is a group, you should leave this field blank
  • After that you can choose if the creator is a person or a group.

The next parts are more or less optional and just help to identify certain creators:

  • You can select different identifiers, ranging from MBIDs to Amazon ASINs. Select those you know, and put the related ID in the right field.
  • Disambiguation comments are especially important if certain creators share the same name, to differentiate between them. Normally this is not the case, but check before you enter a similar name without disambiguation comment.
  • If there is something special to say for this creator, you can put it into the "Annotation" field. Please regard the related guidelines.

Finally put a revision note to your submission - for example where you got your information from - and enter your revision by clicking on "Submit".

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